Thursday, March 28, 2019

Tournaments During Spring & Summer

Hi All,
 Now that the chess season is over, some may want to know where to go to for more practice & tournaments.

April 27 - IAC is having a Scholastic Tournament at Medical College of Wisconsin "Alumni Center"

May 19, June 23, July 14, August 18, Sept 15, Oct 6, Nov 10 & Dec 8 - Tournaments are ran by Renaissance Chess Knights in Deerfield, IL (Embassy Suites, 1445 Lake Cook Rd)

Waukesha Chess Club is open to everyone of all levels. They meet Wed nights at 6:30 pm at the Eagles Club (709 N Grandview, Waukesha)

SouthWest Chess Club - Open to all levels. Thursday nights at 6 pm, Hales Corners Police Station.

Don't forget in June & July we have "Free Play" at the Library & will be at Jamming on Janesville.

Have a good summer & keep practicing!


Monday, March 25, 2019

State Championships

2019 Wisconsin Scholastic Chess Championship

The MSCC took 12 players this year up to the UW Oshkosh campus for the annual event - the biggest in the state each year and a highlight to the end of our regular season

This is a great event - nearly 400 players from around the state competing in K5, K8, JV and Varsity (D1-3) divisions.  The players work very hard for two days, playing 5 or 6 rounds (depending on division) with games lasting up to 2 and 3 hours each, in very competitive sections

This year Anthony and Rishi played in this section of about 70 players, finishing w/ 3 and 4 wins respectively.

Josh and Milos (first tournament!) were a team for Muskego Lakes.  Josh led the way with 3 wins

Andy, Luke and Steven were a team for Lake Denoon and had 4, 2.5 and 4 wins respectively.  The team took a 6th place team trophy - well done!

Will, Alyssa, Noah, David and Aaron were the varsity team for Muskego High School in the D1 section.  These are 5 vs. 5 team matches and it's very competitive.  They got some individual wins in almost every round - we were very proud of the games they played at this level.

Special thanks to Coach Andy of the IAC who coached our players and reviewed notation with them the whole weekend!

Summer Class at the Library

Hi All,
 As Chess is winding down for the season, Dan & I are busy trying to figure out the summer schedule & how to promote the club. One way we do this is by having "free play" at the Library on Wednesday nights from 6:30 pm - 8 pm. Free play is open for anyone & everyone. We need help with volunteers to just "watch" the room & make sure the kids don't get too wild. You don't need to know how to play chess. The chessboards will be at the library already. So while you're starting to make your summer plans, please keep Wednesday nights open (June19, June 26, July 10, July 17, July 24 & July 31).

   We'll also be at Jammin on Janesville (Friday, June 7) & will need help running the booth.


  Oops, sorry. I forgot to include the link for the library.

Monday, March 18, 2019

WSCF Grade Level

WSCF Grade Level Results 

While Josh & Rishi were battling down in Schaumburg at Nationals, the MSCC brought 9 other players to the WSCF Annual Grade Level Tournament, held at the UWM Union.

Travis (3rd grade) and Tyler (1st grade) were in their first tournament ever, and did a great job learning and getting better each round, getting at least one win each.

Brothers Alex (6th), Matthew (3rd) and Ryan (1st) were in only their 2nd tournament with the club and had some nice wins of their own.

Charlie (2nd) is also in his first year of tournaments and continues to play better, getting a couple of nice wins.

Some of our more experienced players had some very good success -  Anthony took 1st place in 3rd grade with 4.5/5!  Owen took 7th place, also in 3rd grade, with 4/5, and Steven took 3rd place in 8th grade with 4/5.

The 3rd grade team of Anthony, Owen, Matthew and Travis took the first place team trophy for 3rd grade!

All of our players represented the club well with their sportsmanship and efforts throughout the day!


High School (K12) Nationals Results 

Congratulations to Rishi & Josh for attending the High School Nationals in Schaumburg IL this past weekend.  This huge tournament had almost 1,700 players in 7 different rated sections.

Rishi & Josh played in the U800 section, and played 7 games over 3 days, finishing with 4 and 3.5 points respectively.  This is a huge accomplishment in a highly competitive section of players from around the country - Well done!

Rishi also gets his red wristband for this accomplishment, which is very well deserved !

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Pizza Party - March 13

Next Wednesday (March 13) is our End of the Year Pizza Party (last chess class is March 27).  For the families that aren't familiar with our parties, the pizza party is one way for our club to fundraise. We ask for $5 donation/person (includes pizza & beverage) & that everyone starts out with only 2 slices to make sure that we have enough pizza for everyone. If you'd like to bring a salad, dessert, etc., please do so. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at And the party starts at 6:15 pm which is open to not only the chess players, but to the families as well :) See you next week & bring your appetite.


Monday, March 4, 2019


Elmwood Tournament Results 

The MSCC had a nice close tournament this past weekend in New Berlin at Elmwood School.  It was a very large tournament - over 220 players - and we had a great time!

K3 unrated 

  • Lexi led the way with 4.5/6 wins and a 9th place finish in this section w/ over 80 players!  Both Owen and Matthew had great days with 4/6 wins and earning their red wrist bands!  Aiden had a very good day in his first tournament, as did Ryan.  We were very proud of how our young players handled themselves and were willing (usually 😁 ) to take notation to help improve their skills 

K6 unrated 

  • Alex T and Alex K also were in their first tournament and played some nice games, also taking notation.

K12 U800 rated

  • This was a very competitive section and a number of our players stepped up to the challenge of playing in this section instead of K6!  Josh led the way with 4/6 wins and a 9th place finish!  Close behind was Anthony, Rishi, Lucas, and Luke.  Lucas and Rishi took an additional class award for finishing high in their respective rating classes.

K12 Open rated 

  • The open section was very competitive as well and made for a long day - 5 rounds of G45.  Will led the way with 3.5/5 wins and a 5th place finish!  Alyssa, Aaron and Noah also had some very nice wins, as did Steven.  Noah and Aaron also took awards for finishing high in their rating class.  The team of Will, Alyssa, Aaron and Noah took home the 1st place team trophy for MHS, just edging out a very strong Eisenhower team!
Nice job to our whole club for representing the MSCC very well!

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Spartan Tournament

Brookfield East Spartan Tournament 

Despite the rainy, sleety (is that a word?) weather there was a good turnout for the IAC-run tournament in Brookfield this weekend.  Our club made a nice showing and posted some good results!


  • Charlie & Owen played in the section.  Owen led the way with 3 wins and a 7th place finish!

K5 rated 

  • This section was smaller so was combined w/ K8, making it tougher, but Rishi still had some good wins and a 6th place finish!

K8 rated 

  • In this section we had Josh, Steven, Andy, Luke and Anthony.  Andy took 5th place, Josh took 3rd place and Anthony took 1st place with a perfect 5 wins!  The team of Steven, Andy and Luke took a 2nd place team trophy for Lake Denoon.

K12 rated 

  • This turned out to be quite a large and highly rated section - both Will and Aaron went 2/2 on the day.

Next up is McKinley and Elmwood - let's bring teams to both!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

SMCA & Discovery World

SMCA year end & Discovery World results

This past weekend we attended two different tournaments - the first was the High School team's last event, which was held at Kewaskum middle school, and the second was at Discovery World, run by the WSCF.


  • Our Muskego team went 2-1 on Saturday, and 4-3 on the season overall.  We took 4th place out of 7 teams in this difficult conference, often going up against much bigger and higher rated teams.
  • We were very proud of how they played their matches and gave it their all!  It was good practice for the team as we will likely see many of the same teams at STATE in March.
  • Our team for the year comprised of Will, Alyssa, Aaron, David, and a couple of matches included Adam, Noah and Steven.

Discovery World 
  • We brought 7 players to Discovery World on a very snowy Sunday.
  • There was some pretty tough competition at this one in all sections, but everyone had at least 2 wins.  
  • At the tournament we had Luke, Will B, Cael, Carson, Josh, Andy and Anthony.  Anthony led the way with 4/5 wins and a 2nd place trophy in K5!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Asa Clark

Asa Clark Pirate Tournament / IAC Results 

The MSCC brought 9 players to the tournament in Pewaukee yesterday and we had a fun time!

Logan H was our loan player in this section, in just his 3rd tournament, and he had a couple of nice wins!

K3 rated
Lexi was our only player in this section and had some good wins, finishing in 3rd place!  It was a smaller section so it had to be combined with the K8 section, making it a tougher day.

K8 rated
Anthony led the way in this section, finishing in 2nd place with 4/5 wins!  
We also had some nice matches played by Lucas, Luke N (10th), Josh (12th) and Rishi (13th).

K12 rated 
Will lead the way with 2/4 wins (7th) and Steven also had 2/4 wins (8th).  Together they took the 3rd place team trophy.

It was a great time with good play and sportsmanship shown by all!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Chess cancelled

Chess Cancelled this week.

Chesskid Tournament at 6:30!

Stay warm!

MSCC Apparel Order due Feb 6

Hi All,
 I know there's a couple orders "lingering". With the goofy weather we've been having, I'll extend the order deadline to Wednesday, February 6.
  If you have any questions or would like an order form, please let me know.

Wednesday's Class, Jan 30

Hi Chess Parents,

We're planning ahead for another wild weather week - snow early and bitter cold mid-week.

Safety first -  If school is closed on Wednesday due to cold, then chess will be cancelled too.  If school is open, then we'll play chess as usual.  If it's clear that school is open but after school activities are cancelled, then we will follow suit and cancel too.

Regardless, I will send out another email by mid-afternoon Wednesday to let you know, so please check emails.  The site will also be updated if we cancel.

If we do cancel, we will hold another tournament starting at 6:30 sharp!

Stay warm!
Coach Dan

Sunday, January 27, 2019


Golda Meir Tournament Results  

On Saturday the MSCC brought a small but determined team to Golda Meir in Milwaukee, run by the WSCF.  Over 140 players were in attendance and we had a very fun day!  Thank you to Coach Andy for going over many games with our players!


  • Charlie had some good battles and finished 2.5/5 and Lexi had a real break-out day winning all 5 matches and taking home the first place trophy!
  • Luke had some good battles in this section, taking 3.5/5.  He also proved you can "have your cake and eat it too" by starting the day early with two basketball games and then joining us just in time for round 2!
  • Lucas and Rishi had some hard fought matches in this section, taking 2.5/5 and 3/5 wins respectively.
We did not bring enough players to field competitive teams, so hopefully we can do that at our next tournament - Asa Clark Pirate Open in Pewaukee on Feb 9th, run by IAC.   Sign up now!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Wednesday (Jan 22)'s Class is Cancelled

Hi All,

In the name of safety, we're going to cancel the chess class for tomorrow, Wednesday.  It sounds like it will be very messy tonight and tomorrow.

However, we WILL instead have an online tournament at!  We will set one up for the normal start time of 6:30, and i'll send more details about that and a reminder of how to join the tournament.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Coach Dan
P.S. Apparel Order will be due next Wednesday, Jan 30. - Leah

Monday, January 21, 2019

Apparel Order & Nationals

Hi All,
 Apparel Order is due this Wednesday.

 Also, it was mentioned last week that Nationals (March 15-17) is the weekend before State & would be a great warm-up.  It's the closest it'll ever be to WI. It's in Schaumburg, IL. You don't need to be in high school to attend. The different sections are:  K-12 Championship, K-12 U1900, K-12 U1600, K-12 U1200, K-12 U800 and K-12 Unrated. The schedule is Opening ceremony Fri. 12:45 pm. Rds.: Fri. 1 pm and 7 pm, Sat. 9 am, 2 pm and 7 pm, Sun. 9 am-2 pm. Awards Ceremony Sun., approx. 7 pm.
  For more information, you can look at, "2019 National High School Chess."

  If you have questions about either one, please don't hesitate to ask.


Sunday, January 13, 2019

St Charles

St. Charles Open results

The MSCC brought 10 players to St Charles in Hartland, our first time there, for a tournament that was run by the IAC (Coach Andy) and we had a great day!

K6 unrated (5 rounds, G30)
  • Logan and Owen did a great job, both learning and taking notation seriously which paid off with some nice wins.  Owen lead the way with 3 out of 5 wins!
K6 rated (5 rounds, G30)
  • There were no teams because of differing schools, but Anthony, Josh, Luke and Rishi played some really nice games.  All had at least two wins -  Rishi finished in 8th place and Anthony placed 6th!
K12 rated (4 rounds, G45)
  • A tough section as usual -  Steven had a solid day with 2 out of 4 wins.  Alyssa finished in 8th place (2.5 pts), Noah finished 7th (2.5 pts) and Will took 2nd place (3.5 pts) - together they took the 2nd place team!
Nice job everyone!  

Next up will be Golda Meir on Jan 26th (WSCF) and Asa Clark on Feb 9th (USCF / IAC)

Monday, January 7, 2019

Apparel Order Due Jan 22

Happy New Year!
  We had enough interest that yes, I'll be doing an apparel order now (order sheets will be available on Wednesday). If you're not able to make it or would like me to e-mail you a form, please let me know. The deadline is Jan 22 (& we'll still have them in time for State). :)