Monday, November 28, 2016

December 3, Muskego Melee Signup

Hi All,

If you're willing to help volunteer on Saturday for our very own tournament, here's the link (thanks Karla Klein for putting this together).

If you bake anything, please make sure it's individually wrapped & doesn't have nuts.



PS Don't forget class/club resumes this Wednesday. :)

Sunday, November 20, 2016

USM results

USM Results !

While we had some students attend the Holy Trinity event a week ago in Oconomowoc, this weekend kicked off the season for a larger group at University School Milwaukee.  The MSCC brought 12 players to the event which made it a nice turnout.

There is always of lot of competition at this event and all sections were USCF rated, making it a more challenging day for many, but there was a lot of good play.  I'm happy to see more players are getting better at taking notation - something that we focused on for this tournament and will continue to do so in other tournaments.  Remember, taking good notation and then replaying those games to learn from our mistakes is the best way to learn and grow!!

In the K3 section, Rishi was the only participant.

In the K6 section, Collin and Nelson were a team from LD and finished 11th and 7th place!  Nate, Sarah and Steven made up a BL team. Yashika had a very nice day w/ 4 wins and took 5th place!

And lastly for the K12 section, Kenny was the only LD player, Will and Aaron were the MHS team and had some nice wins, taking the 5th place team trophy, and Adam and Alyssa were the BL team taking 4th place team trophy! Alyssa had a very nice day with 3 out of 4 wins and took 7th place!

It was great to have such a nice Muskego presence at this great tournament.  We're really looking forward to an even bigger turnout at the next one, our own!!

Remember, no chess class this week.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  Enjoy the time off and see you on the 30th!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A few reminders

Just a few reminders:

Tomorrow (Wed 16) at 6 pm, the Pizza Party begins. We ask for $5/person & to start out w/2 pieces (to ensure everyone gets some). If you'd like to bring a side, salad, etc., please feel free to do so. This is open to the chess players & families.

Also do tomorrow is the Chess Apparel Order Forms.

Saturday, November 19 there's a tournament at University School of Milwaukee (IAC is hosting it). We only have a handful of members signed up & going; we'd like more to show up. If you have any questions, feel free to ask Mr. Ryan or Mr. Andy tomorrow night. Mr. Bundy & myself will also be there to answer any questions.

December 3 is coming around & that's when we'll be hosting a tournament at Lake Denoon. If you're willing to help & volunteer w/set-up, running the concession stand, clean up, etc., please let Mr. Schantz, Mr. Bundy or myself know. Thanks!

And we'll see you tomorrow!!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Holy Trinity Oconomowoc USCF Open

9th Annual Holy Trinity Oconomowoc USCF Open Results 

The MSCC kicked off the tournament season by bringing 6 players to Oconomowoc this past Saturday.  It was a of good chess & learning for all!

Special shout-out to Grant & Brody Bane for attending their first tournament and get their first wins!! Way to go guys!

K12 UNR section, G30 games:
Aaron Gibbs took 4th place overall with 4 out of 5 points!
David Bundy took 2nd place/8th grade with 3 points
Tom Day took 1st place/9th grade also with 3 wins

Open USCF section, G45 games 
Will Schantz was the lone MSCC player and took 3rd place overall with 3 out of 4 points!

Next up: USM on Nov 19 and of course our own MSCC tournament on Dec 3 @ LDMS!

Let's get signed up for these & bring a big group - talk to Dan, Mike or Leah if any questions.


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hi Everyone,

I've gotten a lot of questions about tournaments, especially from parents of newer players, so i wanted to pass along some information.  This is more about who is running the tournaments and what the differences are.  I'll also work on something that talks more about the tournaments themselves.  Stay tuned....

I will also bring copies of this to the next couple of classes.


Clubs & Tournament Info for parents
United States Chess Federation – USCF
  • ·         Any tournament section that is considered “rated” has been previously approved by the USCF and the player will have a rating from that tournament.
  • ·         Memberships can be purchased online at USCF or sometimes right at the tournament.
  • ·         These ratings are recognized across the US.  Typically the stronger, more serious players will seek out USCF-rated tournaments over local clubs, but these are still suitable for all ages & abilities.
  • ·  This link allows you to search for USCF-registered tournaments in Wisconsin.   Note that there could sometimes be a slight delay between this website and what is announced.

IAC – International Academy of Chess, run by Matt Schladweiler
  • · for information & to register
  • ·         IAC provides the weekly lessons to our club and also on an individual basis (outside of the club)
  • ·         IAC also runs several tournaments each year in conjunction w/ different sponsors – e.g. our own tournament on 12/3 at LDMS will be run by IAC
  • ·         Depending on the sponsor there may be different sections – some rated and some unrated.  Rated require a USCF membership.
  • ·         Players sign up individually but also play as a “team” if they are in the same grade section and the same school (e.g. from Bay Lane K-6, not just MSCC).

Wisconsin Scholastic Chess Federation, run by Bob Patterson
  • · for information & to register
  • ·         WSCF is a WI club that has its own rating system.  It has tournaments nearly every weekend at different schools and the MSCC attends a number of them as a club, e.g.  @ Golda Meir, Feb 4th, @ USM “All Girls Tournament” Feb 11th, @ UWM “ Grade level Championship” Apr 1st
  • ·         Players sign up individually but most times can also play as a “team” even if not the same school, e.g. Baylane K6 and LDSM K6 would be on the same team.  For the WSCF, we sign up as MSCC.

Wisconsin Chess Association, run by Mike Neitman
  • · for to sign up. for questions.
  • ·         Conducts bigger tournaments that we go to in Oshkosh, like the upcoming Wi Jr Open on Nov 5/6 or the State Tournament March 18/19 in 2017

Wisconsin Chess Academy, run by Alex Betaneli
  • ·
  • ·         Provides instruction and runs tournaments, like the one in Oconomowoc on Nov 12th.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Chess Apparel, Pizza Party & Tournaments

Now is the time to order your Chess Apparel. We will have order forms at the club on Wednesday nights. If you'd like to have it emailed to you, please let me know. $2 from every item supports the club (except the jackets) & it's a great way to show team spirit! Orders are dues November 16.

Speaking of November 16, we'll be having our pizza party! Both this & the Chess Apparel are fund raisers for the club. It'll start at 6 pm on Wednesday, November 16. This is open to the chess players & their families. If you would like to bring anything, please let me know. We ask for a donation of $5 per person & that you start out with 2 slices of pizza (just to make sure there's enough pizza for every one).

Tournaments are starting to come up. Feel free to ask Mr. Schantz, Mr. Bundy or myself if you have any questions. This weekend there's the WI Junior Open in Oshkosh. After that is the USM Tournament (put on by IAC). Both tournaments are fun. And please save Saturday, December 4. That's the tournament we'll (MSCC) be hosting & that's our biggest fundraiser. It'll be held at Lake Denoon & we'll need volunteers. Please stay tuned.