Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Chess is CANCELLED on Wed Oct 22 due to Parent Teacher conferences.  We weren't told about this date having changed late Summer to tomorrow.  Thanks to Mel Redlinger for the alert!!  See you all next week.  Also sending an email to this effect.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Purple & Black Homework from Oct. 15th Class

Purple & Black Homework Oct. 15th Class

(Red can try too!)

Sorry this is a day late everyone! I'm finally feeling better from Wednesday night and almost have my voice at 100%. With that, I sat down and put together the position and tactics homework I promised!

Position Analysis

White to Move

Please make sure to write any variations you believe are important.

Hint: This position does relate to the lecture last Wednesday (Oct 15), BUT always double check to make sure your move is correct. Sometimes you have to do other things to make what you want to do work...

I had a tactics worksheet I wanted to attach, but that may not be possible without linking out of the website. I'll bring the worksheet on Wednesday for everyone. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Apparel orders due now!

Have you seen our awesome Muskego Chess apparel?  These are available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY - then they're gone! We need your orders before the end of the day next Wednesday 10/15.  

Help show your Muskego pride, your love of chess, and your support of the club - by purchasing some awesome MSCC t-shirts, hats, PJ pants (yes, our high school kids wear these to matches) and more.  This year the PJ pants have pockets - by popular request.  :)

Need an order form?  Check your email or email Leah at leahmike@Ymail.com.  Please print and fill out the order form, then send the form and check payment to:
Leah Przedwiecki
S78 W18424 Lions Park Dr Apt #6
Muskego WI 53150

You can also use Paypal, and pay to leahmike@Ymail.com.  This is also the email for any questions, or to scan/email your order form.

P.S. Chuck Norris wears Muskego Chess PJs to bed every night.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Muskego High School Team

Muskego High School has its own chess team, which exists as part of the overall club.   We play in the SMCA - Scenic Moraine Chess Association.  Two years ago, we won it.  Last year, we took third. The TOP TEN high school players by rating (starting with USCF rating, then continuing by using the SMCA rating after that) have first priority for the 10 boards each week in our match.
Generally, there are extra matches kids can come and play even though they may not be on one of the top 10 boards.  Anyone in 7th grade or above may play for the team, but preference is given to a player who attends Muskego High School.  In general, we will try to give the board to an MHS player unless we have an open board in which case 7th/8th graders will be invited.
Dan Gomoll and Mark Seghers will help this year with the high school team.  Let us know if you have any questions, or you can post them here.
I have updated the Chess Calendar (see the right of this website) with all our matches for the year. The first event is the pre-season tournament at Arrowhead on 12/6.  Our first high school match is then on Dec 9th visiting St. John's Military Academy.  Matches run on Tuesdays after school, from 12/9 thru 2/24 with a break for the holidays.

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Kitchen Love Purple Black  We have a new Division and a new Wrist Band!  It's Purple!
So, overall, we have several divisions that kids in the MSCC can earn:
GREEN - no wrist band yet - this division is for beginners.   Details
WHITE - ready to play chess!  Kids TEST into this division during class.  Details
BLUE- ready for tournaments!  Kids TEST into this division during class.   Details
RED- proven tournament player.  Kids must win 3.5 out of 5 in a tournament, or 4 / 6.  Details
PURPLE- NEW - Kids must raise their USCF rating to 900 or above.
BLACK- Kids must raise their USCF rating to 1300 or above.  This is usually the top few high school players on the team.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Let the chess season begin!

We're looking forward to seeing new & familiar faces tonight & this season.

Just a few notes:

1)  If your child's in 4th grader or younger, we ask for the parents to stay for the class. If that's not possible, please designate another parent.

2) Hopefully everyone's registered. If you're not sure about the club, feel free to come for the first 2 wks as a "trial" period. After that, we'll ask you to register.

3) If you haven't received an e-mail from me w/the MSCC order form attached, I will have extra order forms tonight. All orders are due by 10/8/14.

4) October 15, we'll have our annual begining of the year pizza party. This is open to the chess players, their siblings & parents. If you're intersted in helping out/bringing something, please let me know at leahmike@ymail.com or at the next couple of classes. I would also like to get an idea of how many people will be eating pizza so if you could rsvp by 10/13/14, I'd greatly appreciate it. Next to the chess tournament & the MSCC Merchandise Order, this is our third biggest fundraiser for the club. The suggested donation is $5/person.

Thank you & see you tonight!