Thursday, December 28, 2017

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Nicolet HS results

Nicolet High School WSCF vs. Anthony 

Anthony takes on 150 WSCF players, or at least maybe that's what it felt like?!  

Anthony was the lone player from our MSCC to attend the Nicolet event on Saturday that was run by the WSCF club.  He had a great day, taking 4 out of 5 matches and finished 5th place in K3!

Congratulations Anthony!

SMCA New Berlin West

SMCA season opener at New Berlin West 

The SMCA, or Scenic Moraine Chess Association, is comprised of Muskego, New Berlin West, Brookfield Academy, Brookfield East, Eisenhower, Kettle Moraine Lutheran, Kewaskum, and St. Johns NMA schools.  These schools send their varsity teams (top 5 boards) to play in head to head matches, while the junior varsity team plays a swiss style event similar in format to other tournaments.

Muskego's Varsity team of Will S, Alyssa P, David B, Adam P and Aaron G took on Kettle Moraine and won the first round.  They then played against Brookfied Academy's JV team for round two as St. John's was unable to attend, and won that match.  They finished by playing a very difficult Brookfield Academy Varsity team and barely lost.  These are all G60 (up to 2 hour) matches.

Steven A. was our lone JV player for the day and did very well, winning 3 of 5 matches.

In January we will host Eisenhower at Muskego, and in February we'll have our season finale against Brookfield East, New Berlin West, and Kewaskum. 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Muskego Melee


Another annual Muskego Melee went off without a hitch this past Saturday at Lake Denoon Middle School.  We had 84 players from our club and surrounding communities in 4 divisions.  It was run very well by the IAC and we had a lot of fun!  The event also brought in funds for our club of over $600!

This tournament could not have been successful without the help of SO many volunteers, from setting up on Friday (big thanks to Riva and Kreuser families!) to running concessions and clean up on Saturday.  Big thanks to Mark Nagy of LDMS for spending so much of his personal time to support this great event.

K3 rated - a more difficult day than normal as this division had to be combined w/ K6 due to the limited number of players.

Anthony R and Gidion K did a great job taking 2nd and 7th place in this division.

K6 unrated 

Josh K had a good day and took 7th place.  Our Big Bend players Cael and Carson B and Will B had a great day in their first tournament!  Cael took the top spot at 2nd place, and together they took a 2nd place team trophy!

K6 rated 

Rishi S played some good matches in this tough section.  Luke N and Andy P stepped up to join Nelson K and Logan O in the rated section, and they all played well!  Nelson took the top spot at 9th place, but together they took home the first place team trophy!

K12 rated 

Elijah T was the sole player from LDMS and Brody B and Steven A represented Bay Lane in this difficult section and played some good matches.   MHS was represented by Grant B, David B, Alyssa P, Adam P and Will S.  Will took the top place at 7th, but together as a team they took the first place trophy!

We saw a lot of slow, well played matches, and good sportsmanship by all.  Congratulations to our players on a great day  -  looking forward to the next tournament!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

This week

Hi All,
 What an exciting week this will be!

  Tomorrow I'll be picking up & bringing our apparel to class. If you forgot to order, I will have some extra t-shirts available ($10/each) in both child & adult sizes.

  Also, Saturday is when we're hosting our yearly tournament (Muskego Melee) which is our biggest fundraiser for the club. Please spread the word to family, friends, neighbors, etc. to stop by and help support us.
  If you haven't registered, the link is It's a great first tournament. The sections are K6 unrated, K3, K6 & K12. If you have any questions as to what section to sign up for, feel free to ask any of us tomorrow night.

   Also, we're on FB as well. The group's called "Muskego Scholastic Chess Club."


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

No Chess tomorrow - November 21

Hi All,
 Just a reminder that there won't be chess tomorrow night, November 21 & we'll resume November 29.
  I will also have the apparel on the 29th. I ordered a couple extra t-shirts (both adult & child size) in case anyone forgot to order. They're $10/each.
 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving & don't forget to practice chess!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Volunteers needed for our tournament, Dec 2

Hello  MSCC Parents,

Hope you had a nice weekend!  While we were at the USM tournament yesterday, we did a little of our own tournament planning.

Can you believe it's less that two weeks away?!

Our tournament at LDMS on December 2nd is our biggest fundraiser of the year and is also a nice way to involve more of our club while having fun!  But we cannot run this tournament without you!

Please sign up (thanks Karla Klein) to help set up Friday night, run the concessions during the day on Saturday, or cleanup when it's (almost) over.

If you have any questions at all please let me know!


Sunday, November 19, 2017

USM Results

The first tournament of the season was a challenge. There were some players in a new section, a tad rusty or even in one case, this was his first tournament ever played but nonetheless, the team made us proud with their attitudes & efforts.

K-3 Section
Anthony had 3 wins & placed in 6th. Congrats!

K6 Section
Nate ended with 3 wins & ended in 10th. Congrats!
Both Logan & Rishi ended with 2 points. This was Rishi's first tournament playing in the K6 Section.

K12 Section
Alyssa ended with 3 points which placed her in 10th. Congrats!
Adam had 1.5 points, Aaron ended with 2, Will with 2.5, Steven 2 points & Elijah with 1 point. This was Steven's first tournament playing in the K12 & Elijah's first tournament ever played.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Pizza Party, Nov 8

Hi All,
  Next week we're having a pizza party at 6 pm. This is open to the chess players & their families. We (MSCC) asks for a $5 donation per person & that everyone starts out with no more than 2 slices at first just to make sure everyone gets some.
  If you're willing to bring something like soda, cookies, etc please let me know.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Chess starts Wed 10/18/17

I'm so excited about Chess Season starting, I'm getting mixed up. :) So we have to wait a tad longer, just till Wednesday (10/18/17) for it to start & yes, I'll have Chess Apparel forms. Sorry for the confusion.


Chess club starts tomorrow!

Hey All,
 The wait is finally over! Tomorrow night is the first class of  the 2017 season.
  We will also have order forms for chess apparel. If you can't make it & would like to order, let me know & I can e-mail it you. The order forms are due November 1. This way the merchandise will definitely be done in time for our tournament held at Lake Denoon on December 2. Also, this is one of the fundraisers we do as a club.
   See you tomorrow night!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Starting soon!

The first chess club meeting of the school year is just over two weeks away!

If you haven't signed up already, please do so soon!  It will make the first night go more smoothly if we can have most students pre-registered.

Also, you will get a Chesskid account very soon after registration and can then begin playing online immediately!  Chesskid is going to be a great addition to our weekly club lessons and we're really looking forward to every student having access and being able to track their progress!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Sign up is ready!
If you haven't already, please click on the big red box on the top/right of this page to sign up for 2017/2018.
Soon after each player is signed up, he/she will received a ChessKid username & password, and will then be able to access that website!
See you on Wed Oct18th at MHS Rm243!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Chess 2017/2018

Welcome to the new year!

We hope you enjoyed the summer and start the new school year successfully!

The MSCC will kick off the chess year on October 18th at MHS in Rm243 (up the stairs from the pool) as usual.  This is where we'll practice in general, just like last year, but there are a few exceptions when the room is not available, so check the calendar each week and watch for updates.

Please note - the "JOT FORM" has not been updated yet, it's still 2016/2017.  It will be done soon, so you can watch for it, but we'll also send out an email when complete.

A few highlights for the new year:

  • Annual fees have been increased to $50 per student / $100 max per family.  The MSCC operates fully as a non-profit, but we've been "in the red" and need to break even. This fee increase ensures that we can bring in quality chess instructors from the IAC, such as Mr. Andy and Mr. Ryan each and every week.
  • -  Big announcement!  The fee this year includes a one year subscription to for each and every player!  We will be using this website to track players progress in between the classes and tournaments.  Chesskid is a great website to play games, watch videos, and even to play games against other MSCC players and other clubs!  We'll provide more info about this as we finish the planning.
  • Our own annual tournament date is already set for December 2nd at Lake Denoon Middle School!  
If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact Dan, Leah or Ryan through the website.

Welcome back, we're looking forward to getting started!

Saturday, May 27, 2017


Hi All,
  I hope you've been enjoying the nice weather (when it's not raining).
  I can't believe next Friday is Jammin' already. We will have a tent in the library's parking lot. If you'd like to help out, please sign up (7-8 pm slot/8-9 pm slot). Definitely please stop & stay hi.

Also, we'll be doing summer library class in June. If you're interested in helping out, please sign up here. If you're attending, no need to sign up.

There's a great opportunity for the Chess Club to fundraise. If you volunteer at Saz's (Summerfest) on Sunday, July 23 from 3 pm-10 pm, Saz's will donate (10/hr) to the chess club. If you're interested, please contact Dan Schantz. (Must be 16 or older to volunteer.)

Last thing-if you'd like to continue to go to tournaments so you don't get "rusty" during the summer, I recommend Renaissance Knights in IL. It's one Sunday a month. (Parents can play also)

Have a good summer & we'll see you in the fall!!


Monday, May 15, 2017


Supernationals VI - 2017

Congratulations to MSCC players Aaron, Alyssa and Will who played at Supernationals this past weekend in Nashville, TN.

This tournament is held every 4 years, and this one set a record with over 5,500 chess players from 49 states and around the world!  It was a truly incredible sight & experience that pictures just cannot properly show!

Each player played Seven G120 games (up to 4 hours) over 3 days.  We were very proud of our players, with many of the games lasting 3 hours or more!

Aaron finished in the top quarter of his K12 U800 section (220 players!)
Alyssa finished in the top half of her K12 U1200 section (370 players!)
Will finished in 4th place in the K12 U1200 section!

It was truly a super-sized event all around that we hope many more get to experience the next time.  You can see all results & pictures online ( if you're interested.

The picture below is one full ballroom for the K12 sections, but is only about 1/4 of all players.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

12th Annual GradeLevel

Wow! What a way to end the season!

Gr 1 - Team won 1st place. Anthony placed 7th individually and Gideon finished with 1.5 wins.

Gr 2 - Kashyap had 1.5 wins.

Gr 3 - Rishi had 3 wins.

Gr 4 - Team  took 2nd place. Logan individually placed 2nd, Andy had 2 wins, Joshua 2 wins, Luke 2 wins (also his 1st tournament) & Yashika 3 wins.

Gr 5 - Nelson had 3 wins.

Gr 6 - Steven had 2 wins & Colin 3 wins.

Gr 8 - Alyssa individually placed 6th & Kenny had 2 wins.

Friday, March 24, 2017


2017 Wisconsin Scholastic Chess Championships

These are the final results for the State Championships put on last weekend on the UW Oshkosh campus, run by the Wisconsin Chess Association.

This tournament has been an annual tournament for our chess club for over 10 years.  This year our club brought 11 players to a tournament with 413 players representing 85 schools across the state!

These matches are much longer than our normal scholastic matches, lasting up to 2 hours each game on Saturday (4 rounds) and 3 hours on Sunday (2 rounds).

K5 Division

  • Logan led the way with 4 wins.  Close behind him was Yashika, Anthony, Andy and Rishi.  Unfortunately because they represented 4 different schools, they could not form a team or they would have done well!
K8 Division
  • Alyssa led the way with 4 wins and David was also right behind w/ 4 wins.  Adam & Steven had 3 wins each and the four of them took home a 4th place team trophy for Bay Lane!
JV Division
  • Will took 4.5 wins and a 9th place trophy!  Aaron was right behind with 4 wins.
These were some really tough matches - we were really proud of how our players performed, and with the good sportsmanship shown along the way.  It was also very good to have Mr. Andy there for both days to go over games in between rounds.  I have no doubt that our players had a lot of fun and emerged from this event stronger than ever.

And perhaps the best non-chess part?  The Best Western pool on Saturday night - total fun chaos!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

last class

Last class of the school year tonight for the club.

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Elmwood 2017

Elmwood Tournament Results 

Wow what a big group of players at Elmwood this past Saturday - 183 over 4 sections!

The MSCC also represented this tournament very well by bring 22 of our players, half of our club!  It's always more fun to bring such a large group and I'm hoping we can do more of that next year.


  • This was the first tournament for 3 of our players - Jack, Kashyap, and Gideon, and they all did great, getting 3, 3, and 2 points, which awesome for their first time!
  • Rishi let the way with 4 points and a 9th place finish, and Anthony was right behind, also with 4 points.

  • Steven led the group with 4 points and a 13 place finish (also earning his red wrist band!), and Nate was right behind, also with 4 points.
  • Josh had a solid 3-1/2 points in only his second tournament and Sarah finished with a couple of good wins as well (and no Sarah, it's not because you didn't take notation 😊 )
K12 u800
  • This was a big section for us with 9 players.  Adam channeled all of his birthday energy into winning 5 of 6 and taking solo 2nd place!  Tom had a break through day with 4 wins (also earning his red wrist band!) and a 12th place finish.
  • The team of Tom, Nathan and Grant took 5th place team!
  • We also saw some good games from Kenny & Collin, Brody, Yashika, and Nelson 

K12 open
  • Alyssa led the way in this group with 3 wins out of 5 and a 5th place finish!
  • We also saw some solid games from Aaron, David, and Will

Randy put on a good tournament and we're looking forward to next year's.   Thanks to Leah for keeping track of scores and to all the parents who helped keep some "order" :) during the long day.  Also thanks to Mr. Ryan for stopping by for several hours and helping many of the players go over their games.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Butler Tournament

WSCF Butler Tournament 

Our club has a lone player, Joshua Kreuser (Tess Corners),  attend the WSCF Butler middle school tournament in Waukesha this past Saturday, and he did a fantastic job!

Josh finished with 3.5 / 5 points for an 11th place finish (5 way tie for 6th).

Congratulations to him earning his red wrist band!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Different Tournaments to Consider

There's 3 tournaments coming up:

Saturday, March 11 - Elmwood Elementary (New Berlin)  (Register as your school)

Saturday, April 1 - WI Grade Level (UW Milwaukee Student Union)
  This is a fun & great tournament. You only play against others in your grade & whomever signs up, can sign up as "Muskego Scholastic Chess Club."

April 29-30 Ice Harbor Chess (Dubuque, IA)
 If you want to go to a tournament (after chess season's over ) & don't mind traveling, this is a fun one to go to. There's a Water Park & a Game Room that the players (& families) can go to in-between rounds or at night to relax.
  Plus this tournament has a Bug House Section & "Family/Friends" Section for anyone that would like to take up a challenge :)

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Asa Clark Results

Good job Muskego at Asa Clark! Everyone earned at least 1.5 points.

Let's start out with the K3 section. Congrats to Rishi for coming in 6th place & Anthony is 10th.

The K6 section did quite well too.
Logan, Andy & Yaskiha all had 3 wins.

The Bay Lane Team which consisted of Steven, Sara & Nate came in 5th pl.

The K12 section was  a tad tough but the Bay Lane team made up of Alyssa & David also came in 5th pl.

Aaron was proudly representing the High School & had 1.5 points.

Monday, February 20, 2017


Final SMCA HS Chess Matches 

Last Saturday marked the final 3 chess matches for the SMCA (Scenic Moraine Chess Association) year.  Our MSCC members, a very young Varsity team of Will, Alyssa, Adam, David and Aaron went up against New Berlin West, Kewaskum and Brookfield Academy.  Tom also joined in the JV section against the same schools.

Our team did a great job against the older high school players:
- we beat New Belin West
- we beat Kewaskum
- we lost just barely to Brookfield Academy, which would have been quite an upset

Overall, Muskego took 3rd place for the year!

Special call out to Alyssa who went 3-0 on Saturday and 5-1 playing board #2 in the SMCA this year!

Our team will continue to get better w/ experience each year and we look forward to having other players join next year as well!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Pizza Party - Wednesday, Feb 22

Next Wednesday is our End of the Year Pizza Party. Yes, it's a little early (no need to worry, chess will still be going on for another month) but since we're in the cafeteria anyways, why not have our Pizza Party? For the families that aren't familiar with our parties, the pizza party is one way for our club to fundraise. We ask for $5 donation/person (includes pizza & beverage) & that everyone starts out with only 2 slices to make sure that we have enough pizza for everyone. If you'd like to bring a salad, dessert, etc., please do so. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at And the party starts at 6 pm which is open to not only the chess players, but to the families as well :) See you next week & bring your appetite.


Monday, February 13, 2017


Next on our clubs "to do" list

  • High School team to finish out the year this Saturday the 18th at Brookfield Academy
  • Pizza Party!   🍕
    • next Wednesday the 22nd in the cafeteria.  Please let us know this week if you can make it so we have a headcount.  $5 suggested donation to cover the pizza and drinks - feel free to bring a veggie or dessert. 
  • ASA Clark Brookfield Tournament on 2/25
    • sign up on website 
  • Madison Action State chess on 3/4, or,
  • WSCF Butler Middle school tournament also on 3/4
  • Wisconsin Scholastic State Chess Tournament in Oshkosh 3/18 & 3/19
    • would like to get more K5 & K8 players signed up for this!
    • Great tournament, great fun
    • please ask if you have any questions!
    • Registration deadline March 8th ($17 also due at that time)

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Golda Meir results

Great Day at Golda Meir!

MSCC brought 10 players to Golda Meir on Saturday and we had a great time!  This WSCF tournament was a huge event attended by over 170 players!  It was a very nice venue with plenty of space to play and it was run very well.

Some of our younger players - Logan, Nate, Sarah, Anthony, Rishi and Andy -  had some very hard fought matches and good takeaway learning moments.  I love the picture below of players going over games and helping each other in between rounds - this is a big part of what we want our club to be.

Highlights of the day:

K4 U500
- Andy had a breakout tournament, taking 3.5 / 5 points and earning his red wristband!  He also finished in 9th place.

K12 U800
- David had an awesome day - taking all 5 points and finishing in 1st place!

K12 Open
- Both Will and Alyssa had great games, both taking 4 out of 5 points!  Based on tiebreakers, Alyssa took 4th place and Will finished in 1st place!
- The team of Will, Alyssa, Adam and Logan together took the 2nd place team trophy!  They were barely edged out by Golda Meir who brought 14 players to this division alone.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sunday, January 22, 2017

St. Dominic's 2017

St. Dominic's Determination!!

Wow did we see a lot of hard fought matches at the event in Brookfield!  We brought 7 players to Mr. Matt's IAC-run tournament on Saturday and many of our games went the full duration of time.  In the end, all of our players had 3 wins or more (out of 5) and I don't think I've ever seen that.  It's a testament to their determination!

- Rishi S. led the way with 3-1/2 points and a 7th place finish, followed closely by Anthony R. who had 3 wins and finished 10th.

- Logan O led the way with 4 wins and a 5th place finish, followed by Steven A with 3 wins and a 12th place finish

- Alyssa P finished with 3-1/2 points and a 6th place finish, followed by Will S with 3 wins in 7th place and David B also with 3 wins and a 10th place finish.  Alyssa and David - only 2 players - also managed to capture the 4th place team trophy!

Great games and sportsmanship by all, and a lot of good learning in between rounds (thanks Mr. O'Leary for going over games!).

Most of these players, if not all, will be heading to State in March and this kind of showing bodes well for them!

Saturday, January 14, 2017


WSCF Wauwatosa Catholic School

The MSCC brought a group to Wauwatosa today for a fun tournament, with 114 players in attendance.  The nice thing about WSCF is that we can play as a club and not individual schools, which helped our K12 team today.

We had a very beginner group in K3/K6 today.

Anthony R had a great day w/ 4 wins and finished 4th in K3, and now gets a red wrist band!  Rishi also had a good day w/ 3 wins and finished 12th.

Mathias B was the lone player in K6.  He did great with 1.5 points in his first tournament!

In K12 we had a strong group - Alyssa P led the way with 4 wins and a 3rd place finish, followed by Will S who also had 4 wins and a 5th place finish.  David B and Adam P both had 3 wins and finished 11th and 12th.  Together they tied for first place, but took second on tie-break points!

Next up:  St. Dominic next Saturday, and Golda Meir on Feb 4th

Let's get some teams!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

No Chess Tonight 1/11/17

Hi All,

Due to the roads being very slippery & icy, there will be no chess tonight.

If you have questions about registering for the WSCF Tournament on Saturday, please let me know.

Chess will resume next Wednesday.

Stay warm & safe tonight!


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Chess tonight!

Happy New Year MSCC Players & Parents!

Chess class tonight at the High School - Hope to see you there!

We're in "full swing" for chess tournament season.  The next ones that we're promoting as a club include:

  • - Sat Jan 14th - run by WSCF - Wauwatosa Catholic
    • Need to register/sign up on website 
    • only $10 in advance, or $15 on site 
    • for all WSCF tournaments, register the school as Muskego Scholastic Chess club - we can combine schools to get more teams!
  • Sat Jan 21st - run by IAC - St. Dominic
    • Need to register/sign up on website 
  • Sat Feb 4th - run by WSCF - Gold Meir 
    • Need to register/sign up on website
  • Sat Feb 11th - run by WSCF - Annual All Girls Tournamant 
    • Need to register/sign up on website
  • Sat Feb 25th - run by IAC - ASA Clark 
    • Need to register/sign up on website

We'll have flyers at class tonight for Wauwatosa Catholic & St. Dominic

Let us know if you have any questions!