Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Varsity - Training Problems Oct 28th

To view the answers for last weeks problems, please click HERE.

October 28th

This week's homework problem is not entirely the same theme, but is related. There are times when you are playing that you have to decide between the safe route and something that may feel right, but is also really far outside your own comfort zone. Below is a related position.

Black to Move

Need to provide all necessary calculation.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wednesday, November 4 - Pizza Party

Wednesday, November 4 we'll be having a Pizza Party from 6 pm - 6:30 pm. It's $5/per person (unlimited slices). We do ask that you start out with only 1-2 slices at first to make sure everyone gets some pizza, after that it's up for grabs.

If you'd like to bring something, please let me know.



Wrist band requirements

See the RESOURCES section to the right of this blog (scroll down a little) for the links to the requirements to reach each of the wrist band levels.
Thank you!  - Mark

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Varsity - Training Problems October 21st

Varsity - Training Problems

October 21st Class

The problems here are for the Varsity Players (rated 1400+). 

Problem 1

Black to Move

Problem 2

White to Move

Problem 3

Black to Move

Problem 4

Evaluate 26... Qd6

Printout of the above four problems is located HERE.

Monday, October 12, 2015

CHESS IS LIFE - do we need a new tagline?

We are coming up with t-shirts and merchandise for the coming year.

In the past we have had the tagline "Chess is Life" which is meant to convey that the struggles, challenges and successes of Chess mirror Life itself.   Some kids have suggested that it sounds like "Chess is the Only Thing that's important in Life"... which of course was not the intention

Maybe we need a new tagline?   Here are some suggestions - we'll be putting this to a vote.
  • Chess is Life
  • Win or Learn 
  • Every Master was Once is Beginner
Other suggestions?  Post them here or email them to  Thanks!

NO CHESS on 10/14!! Will resume 10/21

IMPORTANT NOTICE - there are conferences in the cafeteria THIS WEDNESDAY, 10/14, so there will be no chess.  Originally we had been told that conferences were to be held on the 21st, but that must have changed.  We apologize for any resulting confusion.  

Again - NO CHESS on 10/14, and CHESS WILL BE HELD on 10/21 and will resume from there.   The calendar is being changed accordingly.  Please help us get the word out - not everybody checks the website or email!

Watch the website for information, see you on Wed 10/21.

Mark Seghers

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Tournaments are FUN!

Many tournaments will happen throughout the season.  Chess tournaments are recommended for kids who have earned their BLUE wrist band or beyond.  In my experience, once a kid goes to a tournament, they really understand chess in a new way.  Often times this is the turning point where a kid really gets serious about this amazing game.
Some tournaments are not rated by the USCF (, and some are.  There is a USCF rated tournament coming up on Oct 17 - the Hales Corners Challenge.  This is sponsored by the Southwest Cless Club, a group which meets Thursdays at the Hales Corners police station.  CLICK HERE for details.
Our first "official" club tournament will be the USM tournament at University School on November 21st.  After that, we're having our own tournament at Bay Lane Middle School on Dec 12th!  Watch this site for details.  There may also be tournaments added this year, but those are the big ones!