Sunday, April 27, 2014

MSCC at ASA Clark - Check out the hardware!!

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MSCC had a fun & successful day at ASA Clark in Pewaukee for the final scholastic tournament of the school year and final Grand Prix event as well.

Congratulations to:

K3 unrated
  • Alex Swiezynski for taking 1st plact trophy with 4 wins!
  • Michael Swiezynski for taking 6th place in his FIRST tournament w/ 2-1/2 points!
  • Colin Mies for finishing 7th w/ a strong 2 wins
  • Augie Dunbar for taking 9th place w/ 2 wins in his FIRST tournament
  • Rachel Fredlund hung in there and got her first win !
  • Alabhya Prasad showed great determination & sportmanship, hung in there and got a draw
K3 Team took 2nd place!  Tess Corners team of Alabhya, Alex & Michael

K6 unrated
  • Anoushka Prasad had no losses (3 wins, 2 draws) and took the 3rd place trophy!
  • Alyssa Przedwiecki took 6th place with 3 wins!
  • Kyle Jain took the 5th place trophy with 3-1/2 points in a very strong section
  • Will Schantz took 6th place, also with 3-1/2 points
  • Kenny Mies took 13th with two strong wins. 
K6 Team took 2nd place!  Lake Denoon team of Kyle, Kenny & Will
  • Special shout out to Kenny who chose to play in the stronger USCF division so that he could be on Kyle's and Will's team.  His wins pushed the 3 person team into 2nd place!

  • Jason Markowski took 2nd place with no losses, only missing first place on tie breakers with 4-1/2 points!
  • Jacob Gomoll took 12th with 2 strong wins
  • Rachel Gomoll started with a win but didn't feel well and had to leave after 3rd game
K12 Team took 1st place!  MHS team of Jason, Jacob and Rachel

And now, the GRAND PRIX year-long awards. 

Congratulations to:

  • special mention to Nelson Klein & Gavin Joers who played strong all year but just couldn't make the tournament because of spring break
  • Will Schantz took the 3rd place trophy in a very close finish!  He gave up his 1st  place traveling cup from last year and was given his replacement engraved trophy to keep.
  • Kyle Jain took 10th place with a strong year, especially considering his late start in the year!
K6 team - Lake Denoon took the 2nd place team trophy!

  • Jason Markowski took the 1st place trophy / traveling cup in a very close race!  The trophy, with his name engraved on the plaque is his for the year, until the winner of next year is announced
  • Even Seghers hung on to 2nd place after a very strong year, and he could not be at the tournament because of spring break.  He was given a replacement trophy to keep as he turned in his first place traveling cup from last year.
  • Jacob Gomoll took 5th place w/ a strong showing on Saturday
  • Reid Seghers hung on to 6th place also after a strong year and not being able to play Saturday because of spring break
  • Rachel Gomoll hung on to 10th place, despite not being able to finish the tournament
K12 Team - MHS finished the strong year with a 1st place team trophy!


Congratulations again to the MSCC for very strong year of playing and demonstration of good sportsmanship!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Hello MSCC!

For ASA Clark this Saturday, here's who I have:
K3 unrated
  • A. Dunbar - LE
  • A. Prasad - TC
  • A. Swiezynski - TC
  • M. Swiezynski - TC
K6 unrated
  • A. Prasad - BL
  • A. Przedwieki - BL
  • n/a/
  • K. Jain - LD
  • W. Schantz - LD
  • J. Gomoll - MH
  • R. Gomoll - MH
  • J. Markowski - MH
As you can see we need some more students to make some teams!!  Last club event of the season - please let me know if you can make it and I'll sign you up.  I can take one or two with me if that would help, or, if you can drive but can't be there for the day I would be happy to keep an eye on the players during the day.  I'll be there the whole time w/ Will.

If you can make it, please email me directly at and I'll sign you up.


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sign Up Form- April 26th ASA Clark

Please sign up for ASA Clark on April 26th by using the form below.  Remember to choose the division- there are K-3 and K-6 unrated, and K-3, K-6 and K-12 rated (USCF).
Here is a link to the flyer!    Click here for flyer.  <<< click here for all information

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hi MSCC parents!  I just wanted to say thank you very much for the gift card, candy and card given at the last class - it's very much appreciated.  My travel the last few weeks has unfortunately kept me away from the last classes and tournaments, but we'll be at the upcoming ASA Clark Tournament and hope to see a big group there!

It has been a real pleasure being a part of the MSCC growth this year, and seeing such a great group of students progressing and really becoming a dominating club at the tournaments.  I'm already looking forward to the next year!! 

Dan Schantz

Monday, April 7, 2014

Muskego Takes State All Girls!

Muskego sent 7 girls to the annual Wisconsin All Girls tournament.

In the OPEN section, we had two participants - Rachel G and Alyssa.  The top THREE scores count, and we only had 2 players, but we still tied for 1st place with a team with 5 players!  Rachel went 4-1 and took 2nd in the state!  Alyssa also did well, winning 2 against some very strong players in this top division.

We had one full team- in K6 U450- and the team of Julia, Willow and Anoushka finished in 2nd place out of 7 full teams.  Anoushka finished 2nd place individually out of 30 kids, going 4-1 and earning her RED wristband!  Anoushka has been a very strong player in this, her first year of chess!  Willow finished in 6th place, and Julia finished 9th.

In the K-4 division, we had 2 players - Rachel F and Alabhya.  This was Rachel's FIRST chess tournament, and Alabhya's second!  The girls did very well, earning several draws.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Good Luck to Muskego Girls tomorrow at the ALL GIRLS!

Here are the girls from the MSCC who are attending the All Girls tournament at US-M tomorrow (Sat Apr 5).

- Rachel Gomoll
- Alyssa Przedwiecki 

K-12 U600
- Julia Redlinger
- Willow Otterbacher
- Anoushka Prasad

K-4 U300
- Alabhya Prasad
- Rachel Fredlund

We have a full team in K-12 U600, and partial teams in the other two divisions.  Of course the girls are all participating as individuals as well.  This is a great annual tournament!

Kyle earns 2 draws at SouthWest Club

Congrats to Kyle Jain who endured a late school night to earn 2 draws against very strong players and raise his rating to over 1100!
Way to go, Kyle!

We strongly recommend the Southwest Chess Challenge - on Saturday April 12th - Kyle is signed up, and Reid and Evan are also.  I might also play (*GULP!*)...  HERE IS A LINK TO DETAILS:

Hope you'll join us on Saturday April 12th - fun for all ages - tournament is USCF rated and recommended to Red Division and Up primarily.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Elliot, Jack and Daphne take 3rd

High Schoolers next year!  Jack, Elliot and Daphne take 3rd in 8th grade, way to go!

One-night Event Thursday at SWCC

USCF rated three-game event Thursday night at Southwest Chess Club

3-Round Swiss in Two Sections (G/30 Minutes and G/24 Minutes).  USCF Rated.  EF: $5.00.  (½ Point Bye available for only first round if requested prior to round)  TD is Becker; ATD is Grochowski.

Evan and Jason should be at this event.  Join us!  One night, three short games.  If you choose G/30, your game will count against your regular rating.  G/24, it will count against your Quick rating. Scholastic players often do well at these types of games because they are used to playing lots of short games.

To join, just show up at the Hales Corners police station at around 6:30 or so on Thursday evening.

6th Graders Take State Grade Level!

Several of our Red level players were missing for Grade Level - including Will and Aaron in our very strong group of LDMS 6th graders - but with the smaller team of Kyle Jain (4 wins), Nick Schuster (3 wins) and Chloe Adamson (2 wins), we took 1st place in the state for 6th Grade!   Way to go LDMS!  This is a state championship for that grade.

The team of Jack Bognar (3 wins), Elliot Bognar (2 wins) and Daphne Adamson (2 wins) also did well, taking 3rd place for 8th grade.

Overall, and outside of the results above, several of our normal top performers did not see as strong of results at this Grade Level tournament.  If we are to praise our own accomplishments, we must also recognize when we didn't do as well as we could have, and we must learn from these times.  It's the losses that make us appreciate the wins that much more.  It's a very difficult tournament as scholastic tournaments go, and it's the end of a VERY successful first year for the Muskego program.  We should feel very happy for what we have built, and very proud of all the kids who jumped into chess brand new this year, and competed so hard and so successfully in tournaments throughout a very fun year.  Chess is FUN - and that is the main thing to remember.  If we can have fun regardless of whether we win or lose, then we ALWAYS win.

I'm very proud of our kids- every one of them- and am very thankful to be a part of their experience.

- Mark/Mr. Seghers