Sunday, April 22, 2018

Grade Level Results

What an exciting tournament this was! Good job to all the players :)

Grade 1:
Riahn came in 4th place w/3 points.

Grade 2:
Anthony came in 3rd place w/4 points.

Grade 4:
Rishi had 3 points.

Grade 5:
The team came in 2nd place w/each of the players helping to contribute.
Andy had 3 points; Joshua 2 points; Luke 2 points; Logan O. 3 points & Logan G 1.5 points

Grade 7:
Steven had 3 points.

Grade 9:
Alyssa had 3 points.

Hope to see everyone at Jamming on Janesville & the Library classes (Wed night). Enjoy your summer & practice chess!


Thursday, April 5, 2018

April 21 - Grade Level

Hi All,
  Now's the time to start registering for Grade Level or at least start thinking if you'll be attending.

 What's nice is this a WSCF Tournament so anyone that is in the same grade can play as a Club (MSCC).
 Hope to see you there!