Monday, December 12, 2016

SMCA Dec10 results

SMCA at New Berlin West 

The Scenic Moraine Chess Association (SMCA) open the season with 3 matches held at New Berlin West High School.

This club is comprised of 7 high schools in the area and our Muskego team played 3 of them this past Saturday.  We'll play 1 more in January and finish against the remaining 3 in February to round out the season.

Our team comprised of:

- Will S
- Alyssa P
- David B
- Adam P
- Tom D

- Steven A

Our team lost the first round (just barely!) to New Berlin Eisenhower, WON the second round again Hartford, and lost the third round to Kettle Moraine.   They were G60 games and many were very good match-ups.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Muskego Melee 2016

Muskego Melee Results!

First off, the club needs to thanks LDMS and especially Mr. Nagy for allowing us to hold the tournament there & for all the help setting it up.  

Secondly, a big THANK YOU to all the volunteers who helped put this together, especially Leah & Dan G for getting the food & setting up concessions, and to all those who helped run the concessions during the day.  Thanks also to Mike B, Aaron K and Ryan O for keeping the club room in order during the day and helping analyze games in between rounds.  Without all the volunteers this great event - our biggest fundraiser - would simply not happen.

And lastly, thanks to Mr Matt and his IAC group for yet another well run event!  

This continues to be a great event for the club and I believe a great event for the MNSD and Muskego as well.

On to the results - we had a great turnout from our club with 21 in attendance out of the 85 players in total.  As we know, with a good turnout from so many schools also comes the possibility of our own players from different schools having to play each other, which inevitably affects team results.  However there were many bright spots during the day, including:

K3 (5 G30 rounds)
- Rishi getting 2.5 points and finishing in 9th
- Grace S attending her first tournament and getting her first win!

K6 (5 G30 rounds)
- Alex S getting 3 points and finishing 13th, Steven A. also getting 3 points and finishing 11th, and along with Michael S taking 3rd place as a team for Bay Lane!
- Brayden playing in his first tournament and getting 2 wins for Lake Denoon!
- Andy P also playing in his first tournament and getting 1.5 points!
- Logan O for getting a perfect 5 points and taking first place, quite an accomplishment!  Logan & Andy took 5th place team for Mill Valley!

K12 (4 G45 rounds)
- Alyssa P led the charge for Bay Lane with 3 wins and took 7th place!  David B and Adam P had wins and along with Brody B, the team took 4th place.
- Kenny M led the way for Lake Denoon with 2 wins, and Collin M and Nelson K played some hard fought games as well.
- Will S. let the way for MHS with 3.5 points and finished 2nd place!  Jacob G had 3 points and finished 8th place.  Aaron G had 2 wins, and Grant B, Tom D and Nathan N, also playing in his first tournament, all had wins.  It was a great team of 6 players and together they took first place!!


We saw a LOT of hard fought games, a lot of team spirit & good sportsmanship that represented our club and city well.  Congratulations to all!!