Thursday, January 29, 2015

MSCC Club Championship - Round 1 Results - Round 2 Pairings

Round 1 results are in - and Round 2 pairings (to be played next week Wednesday) are up!

Click on the links below to see:
- K4 Wall Chart  <<<
- K8 Wall Chart  <<<
- K12 Wall Chart <<<
- Round 2 Pairings <<<

Miss week 1?  NO PROBLEM - we can get you into Round 2.  Everybody can miss a week- we will adjust pairings based on who is there.

This is turning out to be a very nice event, and we appreciate that all players played quietly and respectfully, if not all of them as CAREFULLY as they could have...  :)

Take Notation?  AWESOME!  Parents- send me smart-phone photos of your kid's notation and I may post a game online (IF YOU BOTH APPROVE).  Remember, taking notation is very important - it allows us to replay the game and see what we could have done better, and what we may have missed.

Post any questions about tournament as a comment to this blog post - Thank you!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

In-Class Tournament Starts TONIGHT 1/28

Lots of kids already pre-registered for our in-class tournament which is 5 rounds and starts tonight - one game per week - PLEASE PRE-REGISTER by CLICKING HERE.  If you need to miss a week, no problem - the registration form will allow you to select a week your child needs to miss.  If you have multiple kids, just click on this link once for each kid.

Registration is also available at the door but PLEASE click the link above to pre-register.  This gives us the information we need, and will tell us if you need to miss a week.

Last Call for Action Chess this Sat 1/31

The Action Chess tournament is in Madison THIS SATURDAY.  This is a the annual four-round G-30 state championship (game in 30- like normal school tournaments we attend)!
I am registering everyone, and we all pay at the door.  Please email seghers @ if you would like to attend!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Brookfield Academy Tournament Results

Hello MSCC Players & Parents,

The club fielded 15 players yesterday at the tournament which was pretty well attended with over 100 players.

Highlights for the day include:

  • Rachel Gomoll taking 4 out of 5 points and 3rd place in K12 for MHS 
  • Kyle Jain taking 4.5 of 5 points and 2nd place in K12 for LDMS
The 2nd/3rd place finish was a great representation of the club in a tough division where 1/2 of the players were rated 1,000 or higher

In addition, the LDMS team of Kyle, Aaron, Will, Cole and Brian took the 2nd place team trophy!

Other special shout-outs go to:
  • Tom Day (BL) for attending his first tournament, especially in a tough K12 division
  • Logan O'Leary (MV) for attending his first K3 USCF tournament.  He took 3 points and 12th place!
  • Alabhya Prasad (TC)  for attending her first K3 USCF tournament and getting her first win!
  • Nelson Klein (MV) who could have stayed in K3 but stepped up to K6 to make a team with Gavin and Joel!  Great team effort.
I saw a lot of good teamwork, sportsmanship, games, but also way too many that were fast.  We'll continue to work on this next week.  Remember there are no awards for speed!  :)

Dan S 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

In-Class Tournament Starts Jan 28! Register Now!

The MSCC will be holding our own In-Class Chess Tournament, starting on January 28th during class, and continuing for 5 weeks!

all players must register for this tournament!

We will be playing ONE GAME PER WEEK following normal chess instruction. Divisions are K-4, K-8 and K-12.  Prizes will be given for the winners of the divisions, and the winner of the K-12 division will be named 2015 Club Tournament Champion.  The K-12 division will be USCF rated. If you are in grades 9-12 and wish to play in the tournament, you will need to be USCF registered. The IAC (Mr. Matt's organization) will offer USCF signups during class if you need to do this, or you can do this in advance by going to USCHESS.ORG. There are many benefits to USCF memberships, and you can build a rating to work on your whole life!

Need to miss a week?  No problem - just email and you may request ONE BYE for any week of the tournament except week 5.  If you know in advance, you may request this on the registration form (recommended).

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Goodrich Elementary Results

We had a small group but everyone did quite well!

Congrats to the Mill Valley Team for earning 3rd place which consisted of Rachel, Joel, Gavin Josh, Evan & Nelson! Plus Gavin won 4 games, his personal best.

The Bay Lane team did quite well in the challenging K12 section. Alyssa won 3 games & Seth won 2 games.

Colton represent Lake Deoon & showed his team spirit.

Sam proudly represent MHS & won 3 games.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Martin vs. Seghers 1-15-2014

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Orders Due Feb 11, 2015

Hi All,
Once again, we have the MSCC Apparel Fundraiser. All the orders are due by February 11.
Please note the new tie dye shirt (D) & yes, I accept Paypal.
If you have any questions, don't hestitate to contact me at   Also, this will be the last time for this logo. In the fall, it'll be a new one. I'm open to ideas/suggestions as to what it should be.
Thanks!   - Leah


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

LAST CHANCE to order chess merchandise!

Tonight Leah will have order forms for chess merchandise.  This is the LAST CHANCE to order this year's styles.  Get 'em now!!

Chess Notes 1/14

Class Resumes Tonight!
After a long holiday break, CHESS CLASS RESUMES tonight at the MHS cafeteria!  Mr. Matt and Mr. Andy will be giving lessons, followed by LADDER GAMES.
Parents, I will be available at the beginning of class to talk about chess tournaments coming up (see below) and to answer any questions you may have.
In general, we have a LOT of work to do on playing SMART games and focusing on what the other player is doing.  There is far too much focus on playing fast (there is NO prize for this), and thinking only about our own game.  We also see FAR TOO FEW games being played on  Practice is the only way to improve.

In-Class Tournament Starts Next Week!
We have decided to have our own CLUB TOURNAMENT during class!   We are starting this club tournament NEXT WEEK 1/21 and will continue for 6 weeks, playing one tournament match each week!  The K-12 champion will be named Club Champion for 2015!  There will also be a K-6 and K-3 club champion.  This tournament is free to all members of the club, no rating required.  More details to come.

Goodrich Tournament this Saturday 1/17!
This Saturday, there is a good scholastic tournament at Goodrich Elementary.  This WSCF tournament is a great chance for young players to play an unrated event against a new set of players!   To register, visit OR REPLY TO THIS EMAIL with child name, school, grade and section (in tournament) and I will register him/her!   Mark and others will be in attendance to help kids between rounds.

January 24 - Two Choices
On Sat Jan 24, there are two choices I would recommend:
Choice 1: For beginning players looking for a good local tournament, I recommend IAC's tournament at Brookfield Academy.  You can register for this tournament by visiting OR BY REPLYING TO THIS EMAIL with child name, school grade and section in tournament, and I will register him/her.
Choice 2: For advanced players (700 and above, USCF rated), I recommend the Northeastern Open in Neenah.  This is a two-day slow-play tournament held at the Holiday Inn in Neenah.  I will be at this tournament with a few of our top boards.  This is an INDIVIDUAL (not team) tournament challenge with many masters from WI and IL in attendance.  There is an OPEN and RESERVE (under 1500 division.  click here for details on how to register, or reply to this email if you like.

January 31- Action Chess State Championship in Madison
Flyer Attached to this email.  This is a true state championship, for individuals and teams. We have been competing in "G30" (action) type games for many years, and this is the chance to flex our muscles a bit in these quicker games.  Four divisions - Open, U1400, K-12 Scholastic (USCF rated) and K-5 non rated.
This tournament is in Madison at Shorewood Hills Elementary School.  See flyer attached.
Please RSVP for this tournament by replying to this email.  All questions about the tournament should be directed to or by calling608-334-2574.

MHS Chess Team Keeps Rolling

Reid battles to a Tough Win
The Muskego High School Chess Team kept its unbeaten streak rolling in both Varsity and Jayvee in the most recent match 1/13 visiting Arrowhead High School in Hartland.  Not only are we unbeaten in matches, we have not lost a single game out of the 25 games played.
In Varsity, MHS won 35-5, with Fernando, Jason, Reid and Rachel all winning, and Evan earning a draw against a very tough Chris Zheng on board 1.
In JV, we again brought only 3 players and therefore had to forfeit 2 games and had to win ALL THREE boards to win Jayvee.  This was the case last week at St. Mary's, where Kolt, Elliot and Jack all had to win and did.  This week with three different players- Will, Sam and Brian - we did it again, winning all three boards and earning the JV victory!
MHS is now 3-0 in Varsity and 3-0 in JV, with a record in games we have played of 24-0-1.
After a BYE next week on 1/20, Muskego enters a critical stretch of HOME games against Brookfield Academy, New Berlin Eisenhower and New Berlin West.  These three games will most likely decide the conference - especially the first two.  Another off week then, followed by a finish at Kewaskum.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Hello MSCC Players & Parents,

For the St. Dominic IAC tournament, the MSCC fielded a total of 14 players.  A little light for the club I think but overall still a good representation from Muskego.  Leah mentioned 7 players in her post below.  In addition to that:
  • Peter (MV) did a nice job alone in the K5 unrated division, just barely missing a medal!
  • Sam was alone in the K12 MHS division and hung in there despite a tough field
  • And LDMS sent a nice team with Kyle, Aaron, Matthew, Brian and Will and they took first place team for K12, powered by the play of Kyle who had a strong day and finished in 3rd place!
Thanks everyone for making this a fun day!
Dan S



St. Dominic's results

Good job to all teams that played today.

Nelson was the only player for the Mill Valley K3 section & hung in there.

Mill Valley K6 team which consisted of Gavin & Ethan, came in 3rd place. Gavin personally placed 7th.

Bay Lane K6 (Noah, David, Adam & Alyssa) earned 1st place. David also personally placed 10th.

Dan will add results aboutt the Lake Denoon K-12 team.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Muskego Defeats St. Mary's

Tonight, Muskego sent 8 boards to St. Mary's of Fond du Lac.  The Varsity team of Evan Seghers, Fernando Collahuazo, Jason Markowski, Reid Seghers and Rachel Gomoll won 40-0, sweeping all 5 boards.  For JV, we only had 3 who could attend, so we forfeited 2 games and had to win all 3 of the boards we had there.  The JV team of Kolt Otterbacher, Jack Bognar and Elliot Bognar pulled off the sweep to edge St. Mary's 15-10.
Our Varsity is now 2-0 (10-0 in games) and our JV is now 2-0 also (7-0 in games played).

Lots of Tournaments Coming Up!

Sat Jan 10 - St. Dominic's Tournament (IAC) - non-rated K5 and rated other divisions - REGISTER HERE - you'll need to set up account if you haven't already

If you have trouble with the sign-up page, let me know (child, school, grade and section) and I can sign you up.

NOTE: if this one doesn't work for you, we will be attending the GOODRICH tournament on Jan 17.   Register for Goodrich by clicking here.  

Lots of tournaments coming up!  

On Jan 24-25 in Neenah there is a USCF tournament called the Northeastern Open - information click here - we will have at least one team there for this (K-12).  There is also an easier local tournament at Brookfield Academy- go to to register.

On Jan 31 in Madison there is a great tournament also - a true state championship opportunity!  We will have at least one team for this (k-12 for MHS).  More info to come.