Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tactics Rule! on

Most chess experts have told me, "Chess is 90% tactics"... Tactics of course means the short-term: finding the best move each step along the way, sometimes resulting in the capture of a piece.
Chess Tempo is a great website that allows kids to practice different situations and find the best move.  It tells you the correct answer, and gives you a rating as you go along, adjusting the puzzles automatically to your level of skill.  Try it out, it's fun!

Here is the link: Chess Tempo

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

MSCC Grows Quickly - Earn your Colors!

The MSCC welcomed new kids today from Mill valley, lakeview, muskego elementary, bay lane, LDMS, and country meadows!   Mr Matt gave advanced demonstrations to the intermediate (red) and advanced (black) groups, and Mr Seghers gave demos to the new (green) and the beginning (white) groups.

We will use colors from this point forward to represent the groups.  Once they learn how the pieces move, most kids will be in the white group.  This is the color "ready to learn about chess."  The next step (and this is new is blue.  Blue players are "ready for tournaments.   To pass into white, blue, red and black, kids will need to pass a test.  The black group will be mostly Muskego high school team players and only the best and hardest working of the younger kids.  Note that red and black are the colors for Muskego high school! Also note that the color black is the combination of all colors, and represents a collection of all the knowledge gained to that point.

Video 2: Openings

Video 2 from the "Everything You Need to Know" series from - This is necessary stuff for all Beginners.

Video 1: Start Playing Chess

Video 1 of a great series from - many more available online!  Join!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Take Notation!

Don't forget to take NOTATION!  "Notation" is the way we write down our moves during a game, so that the game can be replayed later on.  This is important for several reasons:
  • It helps us see where we made mistakes
  • It helps us see where we could have made a better move
  • It helps our instructors like Mr. Matt study our games and give advice.
  • It lets us load our games into game analyzers e.g. ChessMaster or T-Chess (on iPad) so we can see where we made our best and worst moves.
  • It lets you post your game here on the Blog!!  See an example below of one of Evan's games.
Here is the wikipedia article on the type of notation we use in the MSCC, called "algebraic notation":


We will not be able to provide enough instruction during our 1.5 hour per week class.  Therefore, we ask that every member of the club pursue chess OUTSIDE OF CLASS.  To improve, this is absolutely essential. Here are some ideas:
  • web site - unlimited free chess play, some instruction.  Premium membership has unlimited instructional videos, tactics, much more.
  • Thursday night chess - advanced and intermediate - Southwest Chess Club has some great tournament and free play every week at the Hales Corners police station building - tournaments usually cost $10-$15 and are USCF rated.  Here is the link to their club website - and to their blog.
  • ChessMaster XI - a great instructional program for the PC.  Many of our older players learned on ChessMaster.  Here is a link to more information about the program- shop around on price.
  • YouTube has a large number of instructional chess videos.  Learning chess, great master games, concepts, openings, traps and many more.

Is your Child Right for the MSCC?

What kind of club members are we looking for?  We are looking for kids who:
    - attends Muskego High School or a feeder school e.g. Mill Valley, Bay Lane, Lakeview...
    - pays Attention in class
    - Is well-behaved and respectful of chess, the materials, the school, and others
    - Wants to improve
    - Practices OUTSIDE OF CLASS
    - Is a regular attendee of class
    - Participates - or hopes to soon participate - in tournaments to represent their school

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mr. Matt stretching the chess minds of the advanced players!  Matt Schladweiler helps the Intermediate and Advanced kids in our program, and is also available for individual instruction.  Visit for more details about Matt and his IAC.
New players from MV, showing great enthusiasm!

There is NO CLASS the evening of November 13, the High School cafeteria is not available.

K-6 Parents and Supervision

MSCC Parents - we need your help!

1) A few parents (of some kids I know are extremely well behaved) are saying they would like to be there during class but they can't... if you are able to volunteer to watch another kid besides your own, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. While we prefer K-6 parents are there for class, we would like to facilitate a scenario where one parent can assume responsibility for watching more than one kid.

2) DO YOU PLAY CHESS?? We need 2-3 more volunteers to help by walking around and advising kids who are beginners. As the class grows, we will be needing this more and more. Please email me at if you can help in any way during class. Thank you!!

Got a Game you want Posted?

Do you have a game you would like to publish on this site?  Just email me the notation along with any comments you have!   Here is a game Evan played back in 5th grade.  Evan played black and finished the game with a nice FORK of the King and Queen.

Mr Matt is the man!

Mr Matt Schladweiler of the IAC helps the intermediate and advances kids in the class, and also offers private lessons.

Welcome Mill Valley to the MSCC!

This is the new online home for the Muskego Scholastic Chess Club.  Also check us out on Facebook, where parents can add their own pictures, questions, etc.!