Tuesday, February 24, 2015

WSCF Discovery World Tournament results

Great place to play chess & see some nice displays in between!  Muskego brought a CLUB team to the event of 8 players.

In the Open Division, special congrats to Kyle Jain for going 5-0 and taking first place!

  • The team of Kyle & Alyssa, while only two of them, took the 3rd place team trophy!

In the U600 Division, special congrats to Anoushka Prasad for also going 5-0 and taking 2nd place, just missing 1st place on tie breakers !

  • The team led by Anoushka and also including Evan, Gavin, Nelson and Nate took 3rd place!

In the U300 Division, congratulations to Alabhya Prasad for going 4-1 and taking 3rd place (3 way tie for 1st decided on tie breakers)!  She also earned her RED wrist band!

Nice job to all, way to represent the MSCC !

Monday, February 23, 2015

MSCC Tournament results thru 3 rounds!

K-4 Division - Individual

  1. Otterbacher, Joel MILL1 3.0
  2. O'Leary, Logan MILL1 3.0 
  3. Klein, Nelson MILL1 3.0 
  4. May, Nate TESSE 2.0 
  5. Church, Noah TESSE 2.0 
  6. Joers, Gavin MILL1 2.0 
  7. Stachowiak, Evan MILL1 2.0 
  8. Swiezynski, Alex TESSE 2.0 
  9. Enders, Dale MILL1 2.0 

K-4 Teams (top 4 count to team)
1 MILL1 Mill Valley Elementary School ( (12) 11.0 15.5 23.0 32.5 25.0
 Otterbacher, Joel (3.0,nnnn)
 O'Leary, Logan (3.0,nnnn)
 Klein, Nelson (3.0,nnnn)
 Stachowiak, Evan (2.0,nnnn)
 Joers, Gavin (2.0,nnnn)
 Enders, Dale (2.0,nnnn)
2 TESSE Tess Corners Elementary School (8) 7.0 20.0 16.0 37.0 16.0
 May, Nate (2.0,nnnn)
 Church, Noah (2.0,nnnn)
 Swiezynski, Alex (2.0,nnnn)
 Gover, Thomas (1.0,nnnn)

K-8 Division - Individual

  1. Gibbs, Aaron LAKED 3.0 
  2. Bundy, David BAYLA 3.0
  3. Prasad, Anoushka BAYLA 2.5 
  4. Cleveland, Dylan LAKED 2.0 
  5. Molina, Pedro BAYLA 2.0 
  6. Otterbacher, Willow LAKED 2.0
  7. Putz, Adam BAYLA 2.0 
  8. Dietzler, Lucas MILL1 2.0 

K-8 Teams (top 4 count to team)
1 LAKED Lake Denoon Middle School (Musk (7) 7.0 6.0 11.0 8.0 8.0
 Cleveland, Dylan (2.0,nnnn)
 Gibbs, Aaron (2.0,nnnn)
 Otterbacher, Willow (2.0,nnnn)
 Zettel, Cole (1.0,nnnn)
 Pemble, Colton (1.0,nnnn)
 Schuster, Nick (1.0,nnnn)
2 BAYLA Bay Lane Middle School (Muskego (15) 5.5 8.0 8.5 11.0 8.0
 Bundy, David (2.0,nnnn)
 Prasad, Anoushka (1.5,nnnn)
 Molina, Pedro (1.0,nnnn)
 Putz, Adam (1.0,nnnn)
 Herb, Seth (1.0,nnnn)
 Day, Tom (1.0,nnnn)

K-12 Individual

  1. Markowski, Jason MUSKH 2.5 
  2. Seghers, Evan MUSKH 2.5 
  3. Schantz, Will LAKED 2.0 
  4. Otterbacher, Kolton MUSKH 2.0 
  5. Bognar, Jack MUSKH 1.5 

K-12 Teams (top 4 count to team)
1 MUSKH Muskego High School (Muskego, W (6) 8.5 15.5 17.0 31.0 19.0
 Markowski, Jason (2.5,nnnn)
 Seghers, Evan (2.5,nnnn)
 Otterbacher, Kolton (2.0,nnnn)
 Bognar, Jack (1.5,nnnn)
2 LAKED Lake Denoon Middle School (Musk (3) 4.0 12.5 6.0 24.0 4.0
 Schantz, Will (2.0,nnnn)
 Jain, Kyle (1.0,nnnn)
 Mark, Brian (1.0,nnnn)

Monday, February 16, 2015

Candy Fundraiser starts Wed, Feb 18

Hi All,
 Starting Wed, Feb 18  & running through March 18 we'll be having a candy fundraiser at the club. Candy will be anywhere from $.50 - $1.00/each.

Star of Bethlehem Results

What an exciting day it was!

First of all, congrats to Logan & Adam for becoming the newest members w/the red band! Way to go!

The Mill Valley team played very well & placed 4th place which was Nelson & Logan. Logan personally placed in 5th & Nelson in 9th.

The Bay Lane team also did extremely well, they placed in 1st. Good job Anoushka, Adam, Alyssa, David & Noah.  Also, Adam individually placed in 9th, Alyssa in 6th & David in 5th.

Congrats to the Lake Denoon Team for placing 2. Also, Kyle individually placed in 3rd.

The High School team placed in 3rd.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

MSCC Apparel Fundraiser

MSCC Apparel Fundraiser is due this Wednesday, February 11. I accept cash, checks or Pay Pal (Family & Friends).
  If you have any questions or would like me to e-mail you an order form, please contact me. leahmike@ymail.com.

Thursday, February 5, 2015


The MSCC will again return to JAM on JANESVILLE this year!  Email any questions or ideas to LeahMike@ymail.com !

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

SWCC - one night tournament on Thu

The SouthWest Chess Club (SWCC) is a great USCF affiliate that has USCF rated tournaments every week!  It's very close to Muskego, at the Hales Corners Police Station, right up Janesville Rd.
This Thursday, the SWCC will be holding a three-round event, all in one night.  There are two sections. Some very good players are NOT good at short games like this, whereas our kids are bit more "used to" this format from the scholastic tournaments we normally attend. Details are below!  Contact Allen with any questions you may have- otherwise see you there.  Parents also welcome!!  Be advised- you might not get home until 10pm or so.
This Thursday come to the club and warm up with some Action chess (3 games, one-night event). 
There will be 2 sections (described below).  Registration closes at 6:55 pmgames start at 7:00 pm
If you wish to register ahead of time, let TD Allen Becker know (allenbecker@wi.rr.com or 414-807-0269).

Hypothermia Action Swiss: February 5  (One-night event)

3-Round Swiss in Two Sections:
G/25;d5 USCF "Dual-rated" or
G/24;d5 USCF "Quick-rated"
   EF: $5.00.  
    (½ Point Bye available for only first round if requested prior to round)   
    TD is Becker; ATD is Grochowski.
(Quad event starts February 12 and runs 3 weeks).


Allen Becker

IMPORTANT - CHESS CLASS IS UNEXPECTEDLY CANCELLED THIS WEEK due to an unplanned school planning meeting.  Both the cafeteria and the study hall room are unavailable.


We will continue with class the following week 2/11 as planned- and will continue our Club Tournament with Week 2 at that time. 

Thank you - please email with any questions!

Monday, February 2, 2015

MHS, Markowski are G-30 State Champs!

Bay Lane Middle School Takes 5th

MHS takes 1st (RSeghers, RGomoll not pictured)

Who is this kid?

Congratulations to Muskego High School for winning the Action Chess (G-30) state championship this weekend in Madison, and to MHS Junior Jason Markowski for going 4-0 and winning the individual state championship!

Muskego has been specializing in G-30 tournaments for many years, and flexed their muscles a bit at the new G30 Action Chess championship in Madison this weekend.

Markowski paced the group with 4 wins, Evan Seghers had 3.5 to take 2nd overall, and Reid had 3 to take 4th overall.  Adding 2 wins to the cause were also Rachel Gomoll and Fernando Collahuazo.

Bay Lane Middle School stepped up to the very tough K-12 division and won several games, taking home the 5th place prize. Alyssa and David were 2-2, and Adam and Anoushka each added a win to the cause.
Also representing Muskego in the tournament was lone wolf Lake Denooner Kyle Jain, who won 3 out of 4 and raised his rating to 1401.