Monday, December 12, 2016

SMCA Dec10 results

SMCA at New Berlin West 

The Scenic Moraine Chess Association (SMCA) open the season with 3 matches held at New Berlin West High School.

This club is comprised of 7 high schools in the area and our Muskego team played 3 of them this past Saturday.  We'll play 1 more in January and finish against the remaining 3 in February to round out the season.

Our team comprised of:

- Will S
- Alyssa P
- David B
- Adam P
- Tom D

- Steven A

Our team lost the first round (just barely!) to New Berlin Eisenhower, WON the second round again Hartford, and lost the third round to Kettle Moraine.   They were G60 games and many were very good match-ups.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Muskego Melee 2016

Muskego Melee Results!

First off, the club needs to thanks LDMS and especially Mr. Nagy for allowing us to hold the tournament there & for all the help setting it up.  

Secondly, a big THANK YOU to all the volunteers who helped put this together, especially Leah & Dan G for getting the food & setting up concessions, and to all those who helped run the concessions during the day.  Thanks also to Mike B, Aaron K and Ryan O for keeping the club room in order during the day and helping analyze games in between rounds.  Without all the volunteers this great event - our biggest fundraiser - would simply not happen.

And lastly, thanks to Mr Matt and his IAC group for yet another well run event!  

This continues to be a great event for the club and I believe a great event for the MNSD and Muskego as well.

On to the results - we had a great turnout from our club with 21 in attendance out of the 85 players in total.  As we know, with a good turnout from so many schools also comes the possibility of our own players from different schools having to play each other, which inevitably affects team results.  However there were many bright spots during the day, including:

K3 (5 G30 rounds)
- Rishi getting 2.5 points and finishing in 9th
- Grace S attending her first tournament and getting her first win!

K6 (5 G30 rounds)
- Alex S getting 3 points and finishing 13th, Steven A. also getting 3 points and finishing 11th, and along with Michael S taking 3rd place as a team for Bay Lane!
- Brayden playing in his first tournament and getting 2 wins for Lake Denoon!
- Andy P also playing in his first tournament and getting 1.5 points!
- Logan O for getting a perfect 5 points and taking first place, quite an accomplishment!  Logan & Andy took 5th place team for Mill Valley!

K12 (4 G45 rounds)
- Alyssa P led the charge for Bay Lane with 3 wins and took 7th place!  David B and Adam P had wins and along with Brody B, the team took 4th place.
- Kenny M led the way for Lake Denoon with 2 wins, and Collin M and Nelson K played some hard fought games as well.
- Will S. let the way for MHS with 3.5 points and finished 2nd place!  Jacob G had 3 points and finished 8th place.  Aaron G had 2 wins, and Grant B, Tom D and Nathan N, also playing in his first tournament, all had wins.  It was a great team of 6 players and together they took first place!!


We saw a LOT of hard fought games, a lot of team spirit & good sportsmanship that represented our club and city well.  Congratulations to all!!

Monday, November 28, 2016

December 3, Muskego Melee Signup

Hi All,

If you're willing to help volunteer on Saturday for our very own tournament, here's the link (thanks Karla Klein for putting this together).

If you bake anything, please make sure it's individually wrapped & doesn't have nuts.



PS Don't forget class/club resumes this Wednesday. :)

Sunday, November 20, 2016

USM results

USM Results !

While we had some students attend the Holy Trinity event a week ago in Oconomowoc, this weekend kicked off the season for a larger group at University School Milwaukee.  The MSCC brought 12 players to the event which made it a nice turnout.

There is always of lot of competition at this event and all sections were USCF rated, making it a more challenging day for many, but there was a lot of good play.  I'm happy to see more players are getting better at taking notation - something that we focused on for this tournament and will continue to do so in other tournaments.  Remember, taking good notation and then replaying those games to learn from our mistakes is the best way to learn and grow!!

In the K3 section, Rishi was the only participant.

In the K6 section, Collin and Nelson were a team from LD and finished 11th and 7th place!  Nate, Sarah and Steven made up a BL team. Yashika had a very nice day w/ 4 wins and took 5th place!

And lastly for the K12 section, Kenny was the only LD player, Will and Aaron were the MHS team and had some nice wins, taking the 5th place team trophy, and Adam and Alyssa were the BL team taking 4th place team trophy! Alyssa had a very nice day with 3 out of 4 wins and took 7th place!

It was great to have such a nice Muskego presence at this great tournament.  We're really looking forward to an even bigger turnout at the next one, our own!!

Remember, no chess class this week.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  Enjoy the time off and see you on the 30th!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A few reminders

Just a few reminders:

Tomorrow (Wed 16) at 6 pm, the Pizza Party begins. We ask for $5/person & to start out w/2 pieces (to ensure everyone gets some). If you'd like to bring a side, salad, etc., please feel free to do so. This is open to the chess players & families.

Also do tomorrow is the Chess Apparel Order Forms.

Saturday, November 19 there's a tournament at University School of Milwaukee (IAC is hosting it). We only have a handful of members signed up & going; we'd like more to show up. If you have any questions, feel free to ask Mr. Ryan or Mr. Andy tomorrow night. Mr. Bundy & myself will also be there to answer any questions.

December 3 is coming around & that's when we'll be hosting a tournament at Lake Denoon. If you're willing to help & volunteer w/set-up, running the concession stand, clean up, etc., please let Mr. Schantz, Mr. Bundy or myself know. Thanks!

And we'll see you tomorrow!!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Holy Trinity Oconomowoc USCF Open

9th Annual Holy Trinity Oconomowoc USCF Open Results 

The MSCC kicked off the tournament season by bringing 6 players to Oconomowoc this past Saturday.  It was a of good chess & learning for all!

Special shout-out to Grant & Brody Bane for attending their first tournament and get their first wins!! Way to go guys!

K12 UNR section, G30 games:
Aaron Gibbs took 4th place overall with 4 out of 5 points!
David Bundy took 2nd place/8th grade with 3 points
Tom Day took 1st place/9th grade also with 3 wins

Open USCF section, G45 games 
Will Schantz was the lone MSCC player and took 3rd place overall with 3 out of 4 points!

Next up: USM on Nov 19 and of course our own MSCC tournament on Dec 3 @ LDMS!

Let's get signed up for these & bring a big group - talk to Dan, Mike or Leah if any questions.


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hi Everyone,

I've gotten a lot of questions about tournaments, especially from parents of newer players, so i wanted to pass along some information.  This is more about who is running the tournaments and what the differences are.  I'll also work on something that talks more about the tournaments themselves.  Stay tuned....

I will also bring copies of this to the next couple of classes.


Clubs & Tournament Info for parents
United States Chess Federation – USCF
  • ·         Any tournament section that is considered “rated” has been previously approved by the USCF and the player will have a rating from that tournament.
  • ·         Memberships can be purchased online at USCF or sometimes right at the tournament.
  • ·         These ratings are recognized across the US.  Typically the stronger, more serious players will seek out USCF-rated tournaments over local clubs, but these are still suitable for all ages & abilities.
  • ·  This link allows you to search for USCF-registered tournaments in Wisconsin.   Note that there could sometimes be a slight delay between this website and what is announced.

IAC – International Academy of Chess, run by Matt Schladweiler
  • · for information & to register
  • ·         IAC provides the weekly lessons to our club and also on an individual basis (outside of the club)
  • ·         IAC also runs several tournaments each year in conjunction w/ different sponsors – e.g. our own tournament on 12/3 at LDMS will be run by IAC
  • ·         Depending on the sponsor there may be different sections – some rated and some unrated.  Rated require a USCF membership.
  • ·         Players sign up individually but also play as a “team” if they are in the same grade section and the same school (e.g. from Bay Lane K-6, not just MSCC).

Wisconsin Scholastic Chess Federation, run by Bob Patterson
  • · for information & to register
  • ·         WSCF is a WI club that has its own rating system.  It has tournaments nearly every weekend at different schools and the MSCC attends a number of them as a club, e.g.  @ Golda Meir, Feb 4th, @ USM “All Girls Tournament” Feb 11th, @ UWM “ Grade level Championship” Apr 1st
  • ·         Players sign up individually but most times can also play as a “team” even if not the same school, e.g. Baylane K6 and LDSM K6 would be on the same team.  For the WSCF, we sign up as MSCC.

Wisconsin Chess Association, run by Mike Neitman
  • · for to sign up. for questions.
  • ·         Conducts bigger tournaments that we go to in Oshkosh, like the upcoming Wi Jr Open on Nov 5/6 or the State Tournament March 18/19 in 2017

Wisconsin Chess Academy, run by Alex Betaneli
  • ·
  • ·         Provides instruction and runs tournaments, like the one in Oconomowoc on Nov 12th.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Chess Apparel, Pizza Party & Tournaments

Now is the time to order your Chess Apparel. We will have order forms at the club on Wednesday nights. If you'd like to have it emailed to you, please let me know. $2 from every item supports the club (except the jackets) & it's a great way to show team spirit! Orders are dues November 16.

Speaking of November 16, we'll be having our pizza party! Both this & the Chess Apparel are fund raisers for the club. It'll start at 6 pm on Wednesday, November 16. This is open to the chess players & their families. If you would like to bring anything, please let me know. We ask for a donation of $5 per person & that you start out with 2 slices of pizza (just to make sure there's enough pizza for every one).

Tournaments are starting to come up. Feel free to ask Mr. Schantz, Mr. Bundy or myself if you have any questions. This weekend there's the WI Junior Open in Oshkosh. After that is the USM Tournament (put on by IAC). Both tournaments are fun. And please save Saturday, December 4. That's the tournament we'll (MSCC) be hosting & that's our biggest fundraiser. It'll be held at Lake Denoon & we'll need volunteers. Please stay tuned.


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

MSCC is ready for 2016/2017 !

Hello Players & Parents!  We hope the school year is starting well for you!

The chess club is getting ready for another great year!  We'll start with an "informal" night on Wednesday October 12th.  There will be no lessons that night but everyone is welcome to play, register, ask questions etc.  We will be at Muskego High School as usual, from 6:30-8.

The official first night w/ lessons is Wednesday October 19th, and most every Wednesday after that.

Please note  - this year, most of the lessons will be held in Rm 243, which is at the top of the stairs that are near the pool entrance.  This should be a much quieter venue for playing so we're very excited to have this room.  Now and then we may still need to be in the cafeteria, but hopefully not too often.

As always, we'll make announcements ahead of time & keep the website as up to date as possible.

See you soon !
Dan Schantz

Friday, July 22, 2016

Last Open Play Wed, July 27

Hi All,
 The last Open Play of the summer will be Wed, July 27 at the library from 6:30 - 8 pm.
  As a club, we will also not be doing Jammin (August).
 Thank you to all those that have helped during the summer.
 Remember to keep practicing chess & we'll see you in the fall!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Wednesday, July 13 - Open Play Resumes

Now that Summerfest is over with, Open Play will resume tomorrow night (July 13) at the Muskego Library from 6-:30 - 8. There will also be Open Play Wednesday, July 20 & July 27 at the same time. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Wednesday, June 15 - Open Play

**Don't forget tomorrow, June 15 starts the "Open Play" at the library from 6:30-8.

The "Open Play" schedule is as follows:

June 15 & June 22 (6:30-8 pm)
July 13, 20 & 27 (6:30-8 pm)

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Summer Events Reminder

Hi All,

  I can't believe Jammin on Janesville is this Friday already. If you're willing to help out, please sign up. We will be in the library's parking lot so please stop by & say hi!
  Also, we will have the summer classes again at the library on June 15, June 22, July 13, July 20& July 27 from 6:30 - 8 pm. Please help volunteer for this. No need to know how to play chess, it's more of a "supervisory role". 

  August 5 is Jammin on Janesville.
  The link to sign up is

  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

  Thank you!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Summer Events Sign-up

Hi All,
 Just as promised, here's the sign up link for Jammin on Janesville (June & August) & the library classes (June & July). Karla, thank you for creating the links.
 Please considering help out with at least one activity.

  Thanks & see you soon.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Summer Events

Hi All,
 I hope you've been enjoying your break. Sign-up links along with details will be coming soon but in the mean time, please put the following dates on your calendar. Any & all volunteers are greatly appreciated.

Friday, June 3 - Jammin (we'll be in the Library Parking lot)

Summer Chess class:
   June 15 & June 22* (date corrected)  (6:30 - 8 pm)
   July 13, 20 & 27 (6:30 - 8 pm)

Friday, August 5 - Jammin (we'll be in the Library Parking lot)

If you have any questions, don't hestiate to contact me.



Friday, May 6, 2016

Summer Tournaments

Hi All,
 If you're looking for tournaments to play in during the summer, the couple I know of are Ice Harbor (next wknd) & Renaissance Knights (IL). The Renaissance Knights adults can play as well & is a well run tournament.
  We will also be at Jammin on Janesville in the library parking lot on June 3 & August 5. Volunteers would greatly be appreciated. I'll make up a sign up sheet sometime soon.
  Don't forget we also have the library classes (no instruction, open play) on June 15, June 22, July 13, July 20 & July 27 from 6:30 pm - 8 pm. We will need 1-2 voluntters a night for that as well. I'll be creating a form for that as well so please stay tuned.
  Have a good summer & if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask myself, Dan Schantz and/or Mike Bundy.
  Thank you!

Friday, April 1, 2016

April & May Tournaments

Hi All,
 There's two tournaments coming up. One is the All Girls Tournament at USM which is Saturday, April 23. It's a fun tournament & yes, a great atmosphere for girls. No boys allowed (unless they're coaches, dads, etc).
 The other one one is Ice Harbor (Dubuqu, IA) May 14 & 15. It's a fun & great tournament. This one also has an unrated section. (Grades K-6, 6 rounds). www.
  If you have any questions about either one, please don't hesitate to contact me. (

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A few more highlights from State!

This was really a great event - MSCC brought 18 players to a Statewide tournament that had over 420 players from 89 schools!  The players represented our club very well and we're very proud of them!

As you saw on the last post, we had some great individual & team accomplishments!  We also had some very close misses:

  • The strong Bay Lane K8 team of Alyssa, David and Adam just barely missed a team trophy, with only 3 players!  Next year, with a full team, they will be a force.
  • On the JV side, Jake and Elena just barely missed the top 10, with strong wins of 4-1/2 and 4 points.
  • And for the younger players -  Logan, Nelson, Steven and Elijah, we had some strong wins and, more importantly, some breakthroughs as to the importance of playing slow.  Especially in a tournament like this, where games can last up to 2-3 hours, there is great benefit to having patience and looking at each and every move carefully.  I think the younger players will attest to this being a great tournament, and we look forward to getting more players to the tournament next year so that we can make some teams!

Monday, March 21, 2016


At the state tournament in Oshkosh this weekend, we had a great deal of success!  Most notably,

  • Evan Seghers won the High School Varsity individual championship!
  • Kyle Jain won the K-8 individual championship!
  • Lake Denoon Middle School won the K-8 team championship, taking 19 points out of a possible 24!
Lots of other great successes this weekend, including:
  • Muskego High School going 4-1 to finish in 2nd place in Division 1 to the powerful Madison West team.
  • Will Schantz going 5-1 in K-8 to finish tied for 2nd place in K-8.
  • Aaron Gibbs and Nick Schuster going 4-2 to round out a winning K-8 state team!
  • Kolton Otterbacher going 4.5 out of 5 to win 5th board for D1
Many more details to come and pictures - watch the site!

Hales Corners Challenge - Great Tournament!

April  9, 2016, Hales Corners Challenge XXIII
(check our blog for updates)
Hales Corners Challenge XXIII: April 9, 2016 USCF Grand Prix Points: 10.  Chess Magnet School Junior Grand Prix.  Wisconsin Tour Event.  4SS, G/60;d6. 2 Sections: Open & Reserve (under 1600).  Olympia Resort Hotel, 1350 Royale Mile Rd., Oconomowoc, WI 53066; 1-800-558-9573 (mention Southwest Chess Club for $99 room rate).  EF: $40-Open, $30-Reserve, both $5 more after April 6. Comp EF for USCF 2200+. $$GTD: Open: 1st-$325, 2nd-$175, A-$100, B & Below-$75; Reserve: 1st-$100, 2nd-$75, D-$50, E & Below-$40.  Reg.: 8:30-9:30. Rds.: 10-1-3:30-6. Entries to: Robin Grochowski,  3835 E. Morris Avenue, Cudahy, WI 53110;   
Goddesschess Prizes for Females in Addition to Above Prizes
Open: $50 per win/$25 per draw; Reserve: $20 per win/$10 per draw
Perfect Score Prizes for Females: $80 in Open/$40 in Reserve
Questions to TD:  Robin Grochowski: (414)-861-2745

Monday, March 14, 2016

Elmwood Elementary Results

We had 10 players at Elmwood Elementary & they did a good job!

K12 Section (Open):
Rachel G came in 14th pl
Jacob G came in 13th pl
Alyssa P came in 9th pl

K12 Section (U800)
Sam M came in 9th pl; 1st place in class (U800)
Nick S came in 12th pl.
Nelson came in 25th pl.
Kenny M came in 14th place & received the 1st place trophy for U400.

K3 & K6 (unrated)
Sarah M came in 22nd pl w/3 points.
Nate M came in 19th pl w/3 points.
Rishi had 2 wins & 2 draws.
Logan came in 7th pl for 3rd gr.
Anthony R had 1 win for his 1st away tournament.

Good job to all!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Pizza Party - March 16, 2016

Just a reminder this Wednesday, March 16 from 6-6:30 pm we'll have a pizza party. It's $5 per person. I'd like to ask everyone to start w/2 slices at first & then if there's left overs, it's up for grabs.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Wisconsin Grade Level Championship @ MSOE
Hello Parent & Players!  The MSCC brought 12 to the tournament on Saturday - it was a really nice event with over 270 in attendance, and a lot of bling was handed out!
Every one of our players finished with at least 2 out of 5 points, but the coaches know that we can do a whole lot better than that just by slowing down!  We talked about this a lot during the tournament yesterday and it really needs to be taken to heart by a number of players, if they truly want to see improvement.  Playing a slow game is not just about taking time off the clock, it's about giving the players more chances....more chances to see threats so they can do something about it, and more chances to see captures & opportunities and do something about that too, like winning !!
The results:
2nd grade - Rishi S stood alone and had a couple of nice wins
3rd grade - Logan O had 3 wins and finished in 10th
5th grade - Evan S, Gavin J and Josh K formed a nice team and took home the 3rd place team trophy!
7th grade - David B, Adam P, Colton P and Alyssa P had a good day and took home the 1st place team trophy!  Adam had 3 wins, Colton 2.5, David took 9th place with 3 win and Alyssa took 4th place with 4 wins!
8th grade - Will S and Aaron G combined to take home the 3rd place trophy!  Aaron took 9th place w/ 3 wins and Will took 6th place w/ 3.5 points
HS - Evan S stood alone and took home the 1st place trophy with a perfect 5 wins!


Monday, February 22, 2016

MUSKEGO HIGH SCHOOL takes the SMCA Conference Championship


Muskego High School finished the season with a bang, winning the SMCA conference with an 8-1 record!
Our players of Evan, Jason, Reid, Rachel and Jake started the day 6-0 in the final meet and facing a difficult 4-2 Brookfield Academy (who had had missing players a couple times to contribute to their losses).  They surprised us, and won 22-18.
Now 6-1, we faced the other 6-1 team, New Berlin West.  With a fairly easy match ahead of us in the final match, we knew the NBW game would decide the conference.  The MHS players won 4 out of 5 boards, then swept the final match to win the conference with a 8-1 record.
Evan Seghers won the conference MVP trophy for the 2nd year in a row, and was 1st team all conference, as voted by Coaches.  Jason Markowski and Reid Seghers were voted 2nd team all conference.  Rachel Gomoll was honorable mention.
We won the conference three years ago with a very similar team, then Brookfield Academy won the last two years.  It's nice to bring the trophy home to Muskego!

In JV, we had Will, Alyssa, Sam, David and Adam.  Will went 3-0, Alyssa, Sam and David went 2-1, and Adam went 1-2.  A great showing against mostly high school players!  The future of the club is definitely bright.

NEXT UP: Grade Level on Mar 5, and STATE Mar 19-20.  Let us know if you'd like to go!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

ASA Clark results 

Hi All,

The MSCC was split today, bringing some to the last High School tourment games, and some to ASA  Clark,

The club had mixed success at ASA Clark, but everyone got at least a couple of wins and fought hard.  Even if the wins aren't as frequent as some would like, playing in tournaments is what will get them there!

Colton P was the loan club member in an always difficult K12 division.  

Lance M and Austin B were in the K6 unrated division and received medals for getting 3 points.

The K6 rated division had Nelson K and Rahul G, who also got a medal for 3 points

In the K3 division we had Yashika P, Rishi S and Logan O who led the way and took forth place!

Big thanks to Ryan O'Leary for helping to organize the club at ASA and keep track of the results!

Next up - MSOE grade level on March 5th, but the least expensive registration fee is due by this Thursday the 25th.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Home Stretch !

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to repeat the announcements from last night as it can be just a bit loud in the cafeteria sometimes.  :)

We're in the home stretch of the scholastic chess season!  What I mean by this is:

  • Last night was week #2 of our in-house 5 round tournament.  I think the students are doing a great job and having fun!  It also demonstrates that most of them really are ready for tournaments and could be playing in them.
  • Feb 24, March 2 and March 9 will round out the tournament
  • March 16 will be a pizza party to celebrate the year!  Leah will have more details in the next weeks.
  • March 23 will be our last class !
Speaking of tournaments, there are only a few remaining!
  • This Saturday is one of Mr. Matt's tournaments at ASA Clark - sign up by tonight!
  • Saturday March 5 is the MSOE / WSCF Grade Level tournament - downtown Milwaukee
  • Saturday March 19/ Sunday March 20 is UW Oshkosh State Tournament.  If you have any questions about this one let me know!
It's been a great season so far, but let's keep it going during this home stretch and practice, practice, practice and play play play!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Spring Merchandise Flyer

The Spring Merchandise Flyer is here. If you'd like to see it before next wk's class, please email me at The deadline to have the orders is February 24. I accept cash, check & Pay pal.

Monday, February 8, 2016

IN CLASS Tournament starts Wednesday!

Our annual in-class tournament starts this Wednesday, April 10!

We will have ONE GAME PER WEEK (following a short lesson), for 5 weeks.  At the end, we will crown a champion for K-4, K-8, and K-12!   Champions will get trophies.  We will also be giving awards for top teams by school.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER so we know how many to plan for!   Mr. Matt has to set up the pairings in advance!   You can also click the red button on the right hand side of this website.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Star of Bethlehem

Big Group at Bethlehem !

The MSCC brought a large group to the Star of Bethlehem Tournament today in New Berlin, run by Mr. Matt.  It was really nice to have a club that brought 20 players to the 4 divisions and we had a great time! 

We also had a couple of players switch divisions at the last minute, just so that they could help make a team.  Way to go Logan and Peter for switching divisions and playing "up" to help the team!

Here are the tournament results:

K6 unrated
- Austin B and Lance M led the way for Bay Lane and had some nice games
- Rishi S had a good tournament as well

K3 rated
- Yashika P had a good tournament, even finding time to play basketball in between rounds :) and finished 9th

K6 rated 
- Rahul G led the way with a 5th place finish for Robinwood and Neil G also played some good matches
- Nelson K led the way for MV  with a 9th place finish
- Colin M represented LD and had a solid day
- The team of Nelson, Dale E, Peter M and Logan O took the 3rd place team trophy!

K12 rated 
- Will S. led the way with a 5th place finish
- Alyssa P finished 7th for BL and Elena A. finished 8th for Waterford
- David B also played some solid games for BL as did Elijah A for Waterford 
- The team of Will, Aaron G, Nick S, Colton P and Kenny M took the 1st place team trophy!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

St Dominic results

The MSCC brought 13 players to St Dominic's in Brookfield on Saturday.  It was a difficult & challenging day for a number of players, but there were good attitudes all around.  Keep practicing and keep playing!

Rishi S was our only player in this division and it was his first tournament!  He did very well with two wins - way to go!

Sara M and Lance M were our only two in this section and had some good matches.


  • The biggest section of the tournament w/ 40 players overall and 5 from our club
  • Nelson K led the charge with 3 wins and a 12th place finish!
  • Some good matches were also played by Gavin J, Nate M, Evan S and Collin M

  • Our club brought 5 to this section as well.
  • Kenny M was the sole player for LD and had some good matches 
  • Alyssa P led the way with an 8th place finish and David B was close behind in 10th.  Both had 3 wins.
  • The team of Alyssa, David, Anoushka and Adam took the 1st place team trophy for Bay Lane!
Many more tournaments coming up in Feb & March.  

Keep practicing, keep playing!

Thursday, January 21, 2016


We now enter the main run of chess tournaments for the season.  Lots of new BLUE players in the club - nothing helps a player really understand the fun of chess more than playing in a tournament!!  This is what really "hooked" my boys to the game and inspired them to learn!

Below (and also will be placed on our calendar) are the tournaments coming up.  Mark your calendars please!!!
  • Jan 23 - THIS SATURDAY St. Dominic - IAC -  >>REGISTER HERE<< - all skill levels, rated and unrated.
  • Jan 26 - MHS CHESS TEAM - @St. Johns - High School chess team only - 7th grade and up (inquire:
  • Feb 6 - Star of Bethlehem - New Berlin - IAC - Register on -  all skill levels, rated and unrated.
  • Feb 9 - MHS CHESS TEAM - @Kettle Moraine Lutheran - High School chess team only
  • Feb 20 - ASA Clark - Pewaukee - IAC - Register on -  all skill levels, rated and unrated.
  • Feb 20 - MHS CHESS TEAM - Final THREE Matches!  High School chess team only- for the championship!
  • Feb 27 - Wisconsin Action Chess State Championship - Madison - RSVP to
  • Mar 5 - 2016 GRADE LEVEL - play against kids in your own grade - state championship - Register at
  • Mar 19-20 - STATE SCHOLASTIC - this is the big one!  K5, K8, JV and Varsity - UW-Oshkosh - RSVP to
  • April 23 ALL GIRLS! - University School of Milwaukee - Register at - questions to (Leah Przedwiecki)
For beginners, the IAC tournaments are the best.   All Girls of all levels should play in the ALL GIRLS!  
For our experienced tournament players, please consider also the Grade Level, the State Scholastic, and the Action Chess.

Friday, January 15, 2016


Hey - there's a new tournament on the calendar!
St. Dominic's on Jan 23!!!


See the calendar on the right for more details and for the flyer.  There are K-2 (yes this is odd) and K-5 divisions for non-rated, and then there is K-6 and K-12 divisions which are USCF rated.
Let's get some teams going for this!  Teams are by school, so tell your friends!

Also note there is a tournament on Feb 20 - ASA Clark.  Mark that on your calendar also!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Good Day at Goodrich !

Good Day at Goodrich!

The MSCC brought 10 players to the WSCF Goodrich tournament today - it was especially fun that we could form teams as a club!

In the K3 division
  •  Logan O led the way with a 2nd place finish!  And Yashika P finished in 5th place in only her third tournament and has earned a RED wrist band!  
  • Together, the two of them took the 4th place team trophy!

In the K5 division
  • Evan S and Gavin J both played well, and together took 5th place team trophy!

In the K8 division, which had most of our players and was the biggest division of the tournament with 50 of the approximately 140 players:
  • Alyssa P took 1st place, winning a tie breaker with Kyle J who took 2nd place!
  • The team of Alyssa, Kyle, Colton P, Lance M, Adam P, and Nick S took 2nd place!  They were just barely edged out by Golda Meir who fielded a very large team
  • Also notable that Lance got two wins in his very first tournament!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Good Rich Tournament - a Club Tournament

Hi All,
 If you're thinking about attending the Good Rich Tournament, this might help make up your mind. We can play as a club :)
  Any questions, please ask me ( or Dan Schantz.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Goodrich tournament Jan 9th

Happy New Year MSCC players & parents!

Class resumes this Wednesday the 6th and we're trying to get some teams to the WSCF Goodrich tournament this Saturday the 9th.  This is a good one for all levels, including beginners.  Especially if you have the "blue" wristband and haven't played in tournaments yet, or not too much, please consider this one.

For more information, see the flyer at:

We'll have at least one or two coaches there to help out.  Please let Dan know if you have any questions at the Wednesday class.

Pre-registration closes at 11pm on Thursday.

Hope to see you there!