Wednesday, September 7, 2016

MSCC is ready for 2016/2017 !

Hello Players & Parents!  We hope the school year is starting well for you!

The chess club is getting ready for another great year!  We'll start with an "informal" night on Wednesday October 12th.  There will be no lessons that night but everyone is welcome to play, register, ask questions etc.  We will be at Muskego High School as usual, from 6:30-8.

The official first night w/ lessons is Wednesday October 19th, and most every Wednesday after that.

Please note  - this year, most of the lessons will be held in Rm 243, which is at the top of the stairs that are near the pool entrance.  This should be a much quieter venue for playing so we're very excited to have this room.  Now and then we may still need to be in the cafeteria, but hopefully not too often.

As always, we'll make announcements ahead of time & keep the website as up to date as possible.

See you soon !
Dan Schantz