Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Chess 2017/2018

Welcome to the new year!

We hope you enjoyed the summer and start the new school year successfully!

The MSCC will kick off the chess year on October 18th at MHS in Rm243 (up the stairs from the pool) as usual.  This is where we'll practice in general, just like last year, but there are a few exceptions when the room is not available, so check the calendar each week and watch for updates.

Please note - the "JOT FORM" has not been updated yet, it's still 2016/2017.  It will be done soon, so you can watch for it, but we'll also send out an email when complete.

A few highlights for the new year:

  • Annual fees have been increased to $50 per student / $100 max per family.  The MSCC operates fully as a non-profit, but we've been "in the red" and need to break even. This fee increase ensures that we can bring in quality chess instructors from the IAC, such as Mr. Andy and Mr. Ryan each and every week.
  • -  Big announcement!  The fee this year includes a one year subscription to for each and every player!  We will be using this website to track players progress in between the classes and tournaments.  Chesskid is a great website to play games, watch videos, and even to play games against other MSCC players and other clubs!  We'll provide more info about this as we finish the planning.
  • Our own annual tournament date is already set for December 2nd at Lake Denoon Middle School!  
If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact Dan, Leah or Ryan through the website.

Welcome back, we're looking forward to getting started!