Sunday, February 24, 2019

Spartan Tournament

Brookfield East Spartan Tournament 

Despite the rainy, sleety (is that a word?) weather there was a good turnout for the IAC-run tournament in Brookfield this weekend.  Our club made a nice showing and posted some good results!


  • Charlie & Owen played in the section.  Owen led the way with 3 wins and a 7th place finish!

K5 rated 

  • This section was smaller so was combined w/ K8, making it tougher, but Rishi still had some good wins and a 6th place finish!

K8 rated 

  • In this section we had Josh, Steven, Andy, Luke and Anthony.  Andy took 5th place, Josh took 3rd place and Anthony took 1st place with a perfect 5 wins!  The team of Steven, Andy and Luke took a 2nd place team trophy for Lake Denoon.

K12 rated 

  • This turned out to be quite a large and highly rated section - both Will and Aaron went 2/2 on the day.

Next up is McKinley and Elmwood - let's bring teams to both!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

SMCA & Discovery World

SMCA year end & Discovery World results

This past weekend we attended two different tournaments - the first was the High School team's last event, which was held at Kewaskum middle school, and the second was at Discovery World, run by the WSCF.


  • Our Muskego team went 2-1 on Saturday, and 4-3 on the season overall.  We took 4th place out of 7 teams in this difficult conference, often going up against much bigger and higher rated teams.
  • We were very proud of how they played their matches and gave it their all!  It was good practice for the team as we will likely see many of the same teams at STATE in March.
  • Our team for the year comprised of Will, Alyssa, Aaron, David, and a couple of matches included Adam, Noah and Steven.

Discovery World 
  • We brought 7 players to Discovery World on a very snowy Sunday.
  • There was some pretty tough competition at this one in all sections, but everyone had at least 2 wins.  
  • At the tournament we had Luke, Will B, Cael, Carson, Josh, Andy and Anthony.  Anthony led the way with 4/5 wins and a 2nd place trophy in K5!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Asa Clark

Asa Clark Pirate Tournament / IAC Results 

The MSCC brought 9 players to the tournament in Pewaukee yesterday and we had a fun time!

Logan H was our loan player in this section, in just his 3rd tournament, and he had a couple of nice wins!

K3 rated
Lexi was our only player in this section and had some good wins, finishing in 3rd place!  It was a smaller section so it had to be combined with the K8 section, making it a tougher day.

K8 rated
Anthony led the way in this section, finishing in 2nd place with 4/5 wins!  
We also had some nice matches played by Lucas, Luke N (10th), Josh (12th) and Rishi (13th).

K12 rated 
Will lead the way with 2/4 wins (7th) and Steven also had 2/4 wins (8th).  Together they took the 3rd place team trophy.

It was a great time with good play and sportsmanship shown by all!