Sunday, February 26, 2017

Asa Clark Results

Good job Muskego at Asa Clark! Everyone earned at least 1.5 points.

Let's start out with the K3 section. Congrats to Rishi for coming in 6th place & Anthony is 10th.

The K6 section did quite well too.
Logan, Andy & Yaskiha all had 3 wins.

The Bay Lane Team which consisted of Steven, Sara & Nate came in 5th pl.

The K12 section was  a tad tough but the Bay Lane team made up of Alyssa & David also came in 5th pl.

Aaron was proudly representing the High School & had 1.5 points.

Monday, February 20, 2017


Final SMCA HS Chess Matches 

Last Saturday marked the final 3 chess matches for the SMCA (Scenic Moraine Chess Association) year.  Our MSCC members, a very young Varsity team of Will, Alyssa, Adam, David and Aaron went up against New Berlin West, Kewaskum and Brookfield Academy.  Tom also joined in the JV section against the same schools.

Our team did a great job against the older high school players:
- we beat New Belin West
- we beat Kewaskum
- we lost just barely to Brookfield Academy, which would have been quite an upset

Overall, Muskego took 3rd place for the year!

Special call out to Alyssa who went 3-0 on Saturday and 5-1 playing board #2 in the SMCA this year!

Our team will continue to get better w/ experience each year and we look forward to having other players join next year as well!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Pizza Party - Wednesday, Feb 22

Next Wednesday is our End of the Year Pizza Party. Yes, it's a little early (no need to worry, chess will still be going on for another month) but since we're in the cafeteria anyways, why not have our Pizza Party? For the families that aren't familiar with our parties, the pizza party is one way for our club to fundraise. We ask for $5 donation/person (includes pizza & beverage) & that everyone starts out with only 2 slices to make sure that we have enough pizza for everyone. If you'd like to bring a salad, dessert, etc., please do so. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at And the party starts at 6 pm which is open to not only the chess players, but to the families as well :) See you next week & bring your appetite.


Monday, February 13, 2017


Next on our clubs "to do" list

  • High School team to finish out the year this Saturday the 18th at Brookfield Academy
  • Pizza Party!   🍕
    • next Wednesday the 22nd in the cafeteria.  Please let us know this week if you can make it so we have a headcount.  $5 suggested donation to cover the pizza and drinks - feel free to bring a veggie or dessert. 
  • ASA Clark Brookfield Tournament on 2/25
    • sign up on website 
  • Madison Action State chess on 3/4, or,
  • WSCF Butler Middle school tournament also on 3/4
  • Wisconsin Scholastic State Chess Tournament in Oshkosh 3/18 & 3/19
    • would like to get more K5 & K8 players signed up for this!
    • Great tournament, great fun
    • please ask if you have any questions!
    • Registration deadline March 8th ($17 also due at that time)

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Golda Meir results

Great Day at Golda Meir!

MSCC brought 10 players to Golda Meir on Saturday and we had a great time!  This WSCF tournament was a huge event attended by over 170 players!  It was a very nice venue with plenty of space to play and it was run very well.

Some of our younger players - Logan, Nate, Sarah, Anthony, Rishi and Andy -  had some very hard fought matches and good takeaway learning moments.  I love the picture below of players going over games and helping each other in between rounds - this is a big part of what we want our club to be.

Highlights of the day:

K4 U500
- Andy had a breakout tournament, taking 3.5 / 5 points and earning his red wristband!  He also finished in 9th place.

K12 U800
- David had an awesome day - taking all 5 points and finishing in 1st place!

K12 Open
- Both Will and Alyssa had great games, both taking 4 out of 5 points!  Based on tiebreakers, Alyssa took 4th place and Will finished in 1st place!
- The team of Will, Alyssa, Adam and Logan together took the 2nd place team trophy!  They were barely edged out by Golda Meir who brought 14 players to this division alone.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017