Monday, February 22, 2016

MUSKEGO HIGH SCHOOL takes the SMCA Conference Championship


Muskego High School finished the season with a bang, winning the SMCA conference with an 8-1 record!
Our players of Evan, Jason, Reid, Rachel and Jake started the day 6-0 in the final meet and facing a difficult 4-2 Brookfield Academy (who had had missing players a couple times to contribute to their losses).  They surprised us, and won 22-18.
Now 6-1, we faced the other 6-1 team, New Berlin West.  With a fairly easy match ahead of us in the final match, we knew the NBW game would decide the conference.  The MHS players won 4 out of 5 boards, then swept the final match to win the conference with a 8-1 record.
Evan Seghers won the conference MVP trophy for the 2nd year in a row, and was 1st team all conference, as voted by Coaches.  Jason Markowski and Reid Seghers were voted 2nd team all conference.  Rachel Gomoll was honorable mention.
We won the conference three years ago with a very similar team, then Brookfield Academy won the last two years.  It's nice to bring the trophy home to Muskego!

In JV, we had Will, Alyssa, Sam, David and Adam.  Will went 3-0, Alyssa, Sam and David went 2-1, and Adam went 1-2.  A great showing against mostly high school players!  The future of the club is definitely bright.

NEXT UP: Grade Level on Mar 5, and STATE Mar 19-20.  Let us know if you'd like to go!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

ASA Clark results 

Hi All,

The MSCC was split today, bringing some to the last High School tourment games, and some to ASA  Clark,

The club had mixed success at ASA Clark, but everyone got at least a couple of wins and fought hard.  Even if the wins aren't as frequent as some would like, playing in tournaments is what will get them there!

Colton P was the loan club member in an always difficult K12 division.  

Lance M and Austin B were in the K6 unrated division and received medals for getting 3 points.

The K6 rated division had Nelson K and Rahul G, who also got a medal for 3 points

In the K3 division we had Yashika P, Rishi S and Logan O who led the way and took forth place!

Big thanks to Ryan O'Leary for helping to organize the club at ASA and keep track of the results!

Next up - MSOE grade level on March 5th, but the least expensive registration fee is due by this Thursday the 25th.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Home Stretch !

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to repeat the announcements from last night as it can be just a bit loud in the cafeteria sometimes.  :)

We're in the home stretch of the scholastic chess season!  What I mean by this is:

  • Last night was week #2 of our in-house 5 round tournament.  I think the students are doing a great job and having fun!  It also demonstrates that most of them really are ready for tournaments and could be playing in them.
  • Feb 24, March 2 and March 9 will round out the tournament
  • March 16 will be a pizza party to celebrate the year!  Leah will have more details in the next weeks.
  • March 23 will be our last class !
Speaking of tournaments, there are only a few remaining!
  • This Saturday is one of Mr. Matt's tournaments at ASA Clark - sign up by tonight!
  • Saturday March 5 is the MSOE / WSCF Grade Level tournament - downtown Milwaukee
  • Saturday March 19/ Sunday March 20 is UW Oshkosh State Tournament.  If you have any questions about this one let me know!
It's been a great season so far, but let's keep it going during this home stretch and practice, practice, practice and play play play!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Spring Merchandise Flyer

The Spring Merchandise Flyer is here. If you'd like to see it before next wk's class, please email me at The deadline to have the orders is February 24. I accept cash, check & Pay pal.

Monday, February 8, 2016

IN CLASS Tournament starts Wednesday!

Our annual in-class tournament starts this Wednesday, April 10!

We will have ONE GAME PER WEEK (following a short lesson), for 5 weeks.  At the end, we will crown a champion for K-4, K-8, and K-12!   Champions will get trophies.  We will also be giving awards for top teams by school.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER so we know how many to plan for!   Mr. Matt has to set up the pairings in advance!   You can also click the red button on the right hand side of this website.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Star of Bethlehem

Big Group at Bethlehem !

The MSCC brought a large group to the Star of Bethlehem Tournament today in New Berlin, run by Mr. Matt.  It was really nice to have a club that brought 20 players to the 4 divisions and we had a great time! 

We also had a couple of players switch divisions at the last minute, just so that they could help make a team.  Way to go Logan and Peter for switching divisions and playing "up" to help the team!

Here are the tournament results:

K6 unrated
- Austin B and Lance M led the way for Bay Lane and had some nice games
- Rishi S had a good tournament as well

K3 rated
- Yashika P had a good tournament, even finding time to play basketball in between rounds :) and finished 9th

K6 rated 
- Rahul G led the way with a 5th place finish for Robinwood and Neil G also played some good matches
- Nelson K led the way for MV  with a 9th place finish
- Colin M represented LD and had a solid day
- The team of Nelson, Dale E, Peter M and Logan O took the 3rd place team trophy!

K12 rated 
- Will S. led the way with a 5th place finish
- Alyssa P finished 7th for BL and Elena A. finished 8th for Waterford
- David B also played some solid games for BL as did Elijah A for Waterford 
- The team of Will, Aaron G, Nick S, Colton P and Kenny M took the 1st place team trophy!