Monday, March 18, 2019

WSCF Grade Level

WSCF Grade Level Results 

While Josh & Rishi were battling down in Schaumburg at Nationals, the MSCC brought 9 other players to the WSCF Annual Grade Level Tournament, held at the UWM Union.

Travis (3rd grade) and Tyler (1st grade) were in their first tournament ever, and did a great job learning and getting better each round, getting at least one win each.

Brothers Alex (6th), Matthew (3rd) and Ryan (1st) were in only their 2nd tournament with the club and had some nice wins of their own.

Charlie (2nd) is also in his first year of tournaments and continues to play better, getting a couple of nice wins.

Some of our more experienced players had some very good success -  Anthony took 1st place in 3rd grade with 4.5/5!  Owen took 7th place, also in 3rd grade, with 4/5, and Steven took 3rd place in 8th grade with 4/5.

The 3rd grade team of Anthony, Owen, Matthew and Travis took the first place team trophy for 3rd grade!

All of our players represented the club well with their sportsmanship and efforts throughout the day!

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