Tuesday, November 19, 2013

RED Division - Strong Tournament Player

RED Division players are strong for their grade level.  Note that a Blue division player who is in 8th grade could be better than a Red division player in 2nd grade!  These levels are somewhat relative to a child's age.

·         Must attend MNSD
·         Must be well behaved
·         Blue Division Player
·         Must have won 4 games in a 6 game tournament, or 3.5 games in a 5 game tournament OR have "tested into" the RED Division as approved by Mr. Seghers. 

·         Must Demonstrate knowledge of:
o   Intermediate Tactics
o   King and Pawn Endgames
o   Concept of Planning
o   Who is the World Champion?
o   Who was the only American World Champion?
o   Who was the first World Champion?

While a Red Division player, a Student should learn:
·          Advanced Tactics
o   Clearance
o   Interference
o   Zugzwang
o   Desperado
o   Decoy
·         Overkill Checkmate        
o   K+2B vs K
·         Intermediate K+P Endgames
o   Fox in the Chicken Coup
o   Deep Freeze
·         Minor Piece Endgames
o   Minor Piece vs a Lone Pawn
·         Middlegame
o   Exploiting a large material advantage
o   Space Advantage
o   Basic Pawn Structure
§  Pawn Islands
§  Isolated Pawn
§  Doubled Pawn
o   Importance of the Center
o   Attacking the King
§  Open H File
§  Cracking open a Fianchetto
·         Memorize One Classical Game Unique to the Player
o   Must be able to explain moves and relevant sidelines
o   Must be able to explain who each player is

Outside of Class, a Red Division player should:
·         Watch Red and Black level videos on MuskegoChess.blogspot.com
·         Practice tactics on ChessTempo.com
·         Study Master games
·         Choose a style of Play and at Least 2 openings for White and 2 openings for Black
·         Play online chess on Chess.com
·         Play in Tournaments!
·         Win 4 games in a 6-game tournament, or 3.5 in a 5-game tournament

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