Thursday, February 8, 2018

Discovery World

WSCF Discovery World Highlights 

Last Saturday while our High School team finished out their season in Brookfield, nine other MSCC players were hard at work at Discovery World!  It was a well attended tournament with about 155 players.

Anthony was out lone player and did very well, finishing in 6th place!

We had a big group here, with Rishi, Carson, Andy, Jack R, Luke and Logan.  Andy and Logan led the team with 3rd and 7th place wins!  And the team did a great job overall and took a 3rd place finish!

Will B and Cael played some nice matches in the tough division.

I'm sorry for not having all of the results, but it appears that some of the standings were lost and will not be available.

Next up - WSCF McKinley this Saturday!

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  1. Great job at Discovery World! I wish we couldve gotten a team up for that one. Thank you for coming to McKinley tomorrow - I look forward to seeing you all again!


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