Monday, February 12, 2018


WSCF McKinley Results 

The MSCC brought a great group of 11 players to the WSCF tournament at McKinley school in Wauwatosa this past weekend.  Many of you will know the coach of the McKinley chess club - Mark Seghers - as the founder of our own chess club back when his kids were at Mill Valley.

It was a well run event (first time for McKinley) with over 100 players!

In this division we had one 'veteran' with Anthony and 3 new players -  brother/sister duo Lucas and Lexi, and Riahn, who could only stay for a couple of rounds.  Anthony let the way with a fantastic 5 win/no loss day and took first place!  Lucas also had a great day of 4 wins/ 5th place finish and earned his red wrist band, and Lexi was right behind w/ 3 wins, really great for the first time!

The team took 2nd place which was awesome, considering the very large team that McKinley brought.

Most of our players were in this division, including Rishi, Josh, Cael, Carson, Sarah and Nate.  Cael let the way with 3 wins and a 10th place finish and Rishi was close behind, also with 3 wins.

Together the team took 3rd place!

Steven was our lone player in the K12 divsion and played well, with only 2 losses.

We will be "off" as far as tournaments go for the next weekend, and then back on the 24th at both WSCF / Golda Meir and IAC /ASA Clark.  Let's get some teams!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Discovery World

WSCF Discovery World Highlights 

Last Saturday while our High School team finished out their season in Brookfield, nine other MSCC players were hard at work at Discovery World!  It was a well attended tournament with about 155 players.

Anthony was out lone player and did very well, finishing in 6th place!

We had a big group here, with Rishi, Carson, Andy, Jack R, Luke and Logan.  Andy and Logan led the team with 3rd and 7th place wins!  And the team did a great job overall and took a 3rd place finish!

Will B and Cael played some nice matches in the tough division.

I'm sorry for not having all of the results, but it appears that some of the standings were lost and will not be available.

Next up - WSCF McKinley this Saturday!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

SMCA Finale

Scenic Moraine Chess Association (SMCA) Finale at          Brookfield Academy 

Yesterday while another MSCC group went to Discovery World, our High School team finished out their last 3 matches at Brookfield Academy.

The team of Will S, Alyssa P, Adam P, Aaron G and David B went 2-1, barely losing to Brookfield East, but winning against New Berlin West and Kewaskum.

The Varsity team went 3-3 on the season and took 4th place, very good for such a young team going up against a lot of Juniors and Seniors in the league!

Steven A played JV and did very well, finishing 4-2 and 2nd place overall!

In addition, Will was voted to First Team All-Conference by the coaches (of all schools) and Steven was given a Coaches Choice award for his willingness to always step up and join the Varsity team as needed.

Congratulations to all on a great season!  

Monday, January 29, 2018

back to class

Back to class as normal this week - Room 243, Wed 6:30

  • WSCF Discovery World this Saturday - 9 already signed up!
  • WSCF McKinley the following Saturday (10th) - let's get some teams!
High School team plays Eisenhower at home on Thursday and finishes the season playing 3 matches at Brookfield Academy on Saturday.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

No class Jan 24

No Class this week

Log on to - challenge each other & the coaches in live chess!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

WI Lutheran HS

Wisconsin Lutheran High School Tournament 

We had a nice turnout on Saturday for this first ever event at the this high school, which was run by Mr. Andy and the IAC.

About 80 players participated and our MSCC brought 11.

K12 unrated

  • Brothers Grant & Brody played well, finishing w/ 2-1/2 and 3 wins 
K3 / K6
  • There were not enough players in the K3 section so it was combined w/ K6, but that didn't deter Anthony who had a good day with 3 wins and a second place K3 finish!
  • In K6, Rishi also had a good day with 3 wins and a 12 place finish.
  • For the Lake Denoon team of Luke, Logan and Andy, Logan led the way with 4 wins and a 5th place finish.  The team took 3rd place with only 3 members!
  • Steven was the only player from BL in this tough division, but played some nice matches.
  • The MHS team of Alyssa, Adam and Will played very well, with Adam taking 6th place and Will taking 3rd place, both with 3 wins (out of 4).  This team of only 3 members took 1st place team!
Everybody did a great job of taking notation at the tournament which let the coaches and other players review a lot of the games in between rounds.

Next up - Discovery World Feb 3rd, and McKinley Feb 10th.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Hello MSCC and welcome to 2018!

We're back to lessons this week at the High School as usual, 6:30 Wednesday.  Hope to see you there.

Our first tournament of the year is Saturday - see detail below on this IAC-run tournament - let's get some teams!

Other upcoming events:

  • Feb 10th - McKinley school / WSCF event 
  • Feb 24th - ASA Clark school - run by IAC, AND Golda Meir, run by WSCF.  Hoping to send teams to each!

If you have any questions about these tournaments, make sure to ask on Wednesday!

Also on Wednesday we'll give some "sweet" awards to those who spent the most time on ChessKid these past few weeks.