Friday, March 24, 2017


2017 Wisconsin Scholastic Chess Championships

These are the final results for the State Championships put on last weekend on the UW Oshkosh campus, run by the Wisconsin Chess Association.

This tournament has been an annual tournament for our chess club for over 10 years.  This year our club brought 11 players to a tournament with 413 players representing 85 schools across the state!

These matches are much longer than our normal scholastic matches, lasting up to 2 hours each game on Saturday (4 rounds) and 3 hours on Sunday (2 rounds).

K5 Division

  • Logan led the way with 4 wins.  Close behind him was Yashika, Anthony, Andy and Rishi.  Unfortunately because they represented 4 different schools, they could not form a team or they would have done well!
K8 Division
  • Alyssa led the way with 4 wins and David was also right behind w/ 4 wins.  Adam & Steven had 3 wins each and the four of them took home a 4th place team trophy for Bay Lane!
JV Division
  • Will took 4.5 wins and a 9th place trophy!  Aaron was right behind with 4 wins.
These were some really tough matches - we were really proud of how our players performed, and with the good sportsmanship shown along the way.  It was also very good to have Mr. Andy there for both days to go over games in between rounds.  I have no doubt that our players had a lot of fun and emerged from this event stronger than ever.

And perhaps the best non-chess part?  The Best Western pool on Saturday night - total fun chaos!!!

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