Sunday, April 22, 2018

Grade Level Results

What an exciting tournament this was! Good job to all the players :)

Grade 1:
Riahn came in 4th place w/3 points.

Grade 2:
Anthony came in 3rd place w/4 points.

Grade 4:
Rishi had 3 points.

Grade 5:
The team came in 2nd place w/each of the players helping to contribute.
Andy had 3 points; Joshua 2 points; Luke 2 points; Logan O. 3 points & Logan G 1.5 points

Grade 7:
Steven had 3 points.

Grade 9:
Alyssa had 3 points.

Hope to see everyone at Jamming on Janesville & the Library classes (Wed night). Enjoy your summer & practice chess!


Thursday, April 5, 2018

April 21 - Grade Level

Hi All,
  Now's the time to start registering for Grade Level or at least start thinking if you'll be attending.

 What's nice is this a WSCF Tournament so anyone that is in the same grade can play as a Club (MSCC).
 Hope to see you there!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Elmwood Results

What  great tournament this was! Every player earned at least 1 point.😀

K12 open:
  Team consisted of David & Alyssa. As a team,  they took 3rd pl. David also placed 7th individually & took 1st place in Class U900.

U800 section:
The Lake Denoon Team which consisted of Logan, Nelson & Luke took 2nd place as a team.
Individual results- Logan took 4th pl, Nelson 9th pl & 1st pl Class Trophy foot U400, Luke 26th pl.  While Steven  took 20th pl & Rishi 17th pl.

The team of Josh, Logan G, Jack, Sarah & Nate took 4th pl!
Josh took 8th pl, Logan came in 44th pl (& this was his 2nd tournament) & Nate 34th pl. Sarah & Jack both had 2.5 points each.


Anthony placed 4th, Lexi in 42nd, Lucas in 6th pl & Gideon in 23rd.

Good job to all players! The next tournament will beApril 21, Grade Level at UWM. 

Keep up the good work & practice until then. 😊


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

State Championships

Wisconsin Scholastic Chess Championship
UW Oshkosh campus

The MSCC brought a big group of 17 players to the UW Oshkosh campus this year for what has become our annual highlight of the chess year.  It was a fun, super-sized, and well-run event with 430 players from around the state!

We were so proud of how our players performed and conducted themselves this weekend - playing some really good matches in the K5, K8 and Varsity sections.

Results will be posted at by Thursday.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Pizza Party 3/14/18 & Chess Apparel

Hi All,
 Next week Wednesday (March 14), we'll be having a pizza party from 6-6:30 pm. We ask for a donation for $5/per person & that everyone starts out w/2 slices to make sure there's enough pizza for everyone. This is open to the chess players & their families. If anyone would like to bring something,  please let me know.
  Also, I have some "extra" apparel that are both adults & children sizes. Some are brand new while others are "gently used". I will have the apparel at the pizza party as well.

Friday, March 2, 2018


Hi All,
 It looks like our chess season is winding down but here's a few tournaments to put on your calendar.

March 17 & March 18 - State (Oshkosh)

March 24 - Elmwood (New Berlin)

April 21 - WSCF Grade Level (UWM Student Union)

That's it for the club but I'd like to tell you about another tournament that happens in May. It's called Ice Harbor & is held in Dubuque, Iowa. Not that far of a drive - a nice weekend getaway. We've been going for the past three or four years.

The tickets for the Resort include wristbands for the Indoor Water Park & there's a game room. Plus there's a museum down the block.

If my recollection serves me correctly, if there's 3 or more in a section, we could play as "MSCC".

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me.


Sunday, February 25, 2018

ASA Clark & Golda Meir

ASA Clark & Golda Meir 

There were two tournaments to choose from this week, both ASA Clark school in Pewaukee and Gold Meir in Milwaukee.  Both were large tournaments and our MSCC players made us proud!

ASA Clark - USCF rated tournament run by the IAC 
  • Anthony has been on fire these last two tournaments and again went undefeated at 5-0, finishing 2nd place only because of tie breakers that didn't go his way.  
  • Riahn played in his first full tournament and had a nice win and a draw.
  • Logan led the way with a 4 win day and 5th place!  Andy and Luke both had 3-1/2 and Luke earned his red band!  Rishi is Mr. Consistent and had a solid 3 win day.
  • Together the Lake Denoon team finished in 3rd place!
  • Will led the way with 3 wins and a 2nd place finish.  Adam, Alyssa and Aaron were all right behind and together the team took home a 1st place team trophy!
  • Steven was the only member from Bay Lane but also had a good day with 2-1/2 out of 4 wins.

Golda Meir - WSCF rated
  • Josh played in the U800 K12 section and finished with a solid 3 wins and 11th place finish.  Logan, new to the club and in his first tournament played in the U500 K5 section and had some nice games -  we're hoping he'll join future tournaments as well!
Congratulations to all for some well played games and good sportsmanship the whole day.  You represent the MSCC very well!